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Found 608 results

  1. Hey Guys, Shortquestion about some Features not found in affinity designer. Is there any possibility in affinity designer or photo to vectorize content without redraw the element with lines. i´m creating a album artwork for a band and switched to affinity products. Maybe a dumb question, but i´m a newbie so please dont be that hard at this question. Regards
  2. Hi guys! I've spent some time on logo design, then a whole design book about it - all in Affinity Designer as a part of testing it. Now when I had to finally use it for a webdevelopment and export logo to PNG with transparency I noticed that there's a big distort. Smaller resolutions = bigger problem. I'm talking about all those outlines which are generated because of layers below. I can hide them for letters and few objects but head and tail of fox are made with many layers which some have to 'move' behind another ones. Everything is aligned perfectly but still always when exporting there is some 'shade' of color from layers below, it's best recognizable with transparency and on black background/preview. I tried different resampling modes but it changes only a bit. What I'm doing wrong? Never had issues like this in Illustrator or Photoshop. I could prepare 'flat' version where's nothing underneath but it's a lot of work and I mean here work for every project in future where should be original one and prepared for exports. Also many curves would change a lot :/ Are there any 'best practices' for exporting to PNG? What I'm doing wrong?
  3. Hi peeps, On first glance you might think of this as a bit of a trolling, or a comedy title which you could apply to a Cartoon Network character project, but in reality I'm really looking for genuine opinion, experience and insight from those of you who have worked in such a manner. Whilst I can appreciate the flexibility inherent to having raster graphics be available within a vector project, it seems also to contradict the basic principle of electing to use vector - that of infinite scalability, particularly given that you can apply filter effects to vector elements and achieve much of what you might want whilst not being incumbered by the limitations of pixels. How do you feel about the practical application of this aspect of Affinity Designer and how might you have applied or perceived it as a workflow?
  4. Hi everyone, I have looked in the forum for a trace of this, and couldn't find it in the functionalities in the App, but it is such a sadly missing function of Illustrator that it is, for me, entirely necessary to add it to Affinity Designer to make it THE Adobe killer. Some of you might have used Inkscape in the past, I discovered it very recently, being a mac user (and it is far from user friendly on a Mac...): The Spiro Spline, or automatic smooth curves, swirls and swooshes. For both typography and ornaments, 2 "hot topics" nowadays, this tool is just fantastic. There are 2 elements that are genius about it: - First, it calculates automatically the "smallest curve value" between two points or a specific node, transforming any rough angle into smooth curves to create spirographic-style designs so easily it made my jaw drop when I discovered it (it is a nightmare in Illustrator). - Second, and that's the most powerful, is the ability to edit "live and dynamically" the shape used as the fill of the stroke. Meaning you can easily conver a simple curve into a gorgeous "fat to slim" swirl and create highly editable ornaments on the go, using triangles and other shapes. For those who never heard of it, check those two links, you will just be... wowed. A simple tutorial to show your the "spiro magic" http://verysimpledesigns.com/vectors/inkscape-tutorial-spiro-swirls.html And this one to show you how powerful it is, especially for Typography design: Inkscape + Spiro (sorry it's in Spanish–which I'm not, and it goes fast, but it's quite straightforward). This, combined to the user-friendliness of Affinity Designer, would make me put the premium for it right away. Hope you enjoy it guys! Boris
  5. I would like to know how to make sure that the text I place will be a vector. How may I ensure that the text is a vector? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm a web developer and somewhat of a beginner using design software. I have no problem extracting assets to use in development but actually creating things is new for me. Anyway, I'd like to create a series of icons or illustrations in an 8-bit pixel style. I'd like them to be vector based though so I can scale them in size easily. I have both Designer & Photo for Mac and am attempting it in Designer. I want to know if I'm going about this correctly. I started by creating a 500px x 500px artboard and set grid lines to be every 20px so that I have a grid of 25 x 25 squares. I created a 20px x 20px square layer for each section of the grid an duplicated them over and over until I had 625 of them covering the whole board. I filled them with various colors and had a large background layer behind the individual square as well. When I removed the grid lines though I noticed that the individual squares didn't seem to line up correctly even though they were snapping to my grid lines. It looks like the sample I attached. What should I do differently to create these square pixel illustrations? I'd like to be able to export to SVG as well.
  7. Hi! New here, I've just bought the the soft, great feelings about it, amazing, I love it! But as usual, after few hours on it (the whole week-end, actually), I already have few requests about thing that are lacking for me. I am an illustrator and using Inkscape because there's no alternative in an affordable price. Adobe Illustrator? Well, forget it. Their actual price policy is a no go for me. Inkscape is painful in many ways but is a good program, very useful, and allows great things. But the truth is that it isn't very user friendly, and the workflow is not that good, for many reasons I won't explain, it's not relevant for what I want to request here. I must admit, it shines in few things that AD doesn't have, and I think it's really sad. I've read the roadmap, so I'll try to avoid requests already asked, except the ones I think that they are really important. 1°) Strokes done by vector object(s). Today they can be done plain, or with textures, but textures are in pixel, I'd like to use shapes, objects, samples, whatever. Why? Because we can do very good effects (when the object is stretched, not repeated), and it's not size dependent. Also, today, textures can be divided in 3, head, body (that is replicated) and tail. We could have many bodies and distribute them randomly along the stroke. Also we could add space between bodies/tail/head. Example of uses, music sheet, vegetation in the background, and so on. It's my N°1 request I think. 2°) Effects studio. Like in Inkscape. Its use is a pain, but is very powerful. With a better system (node based for example?) it could be a killer app'. It's essential for me. We don't need 100 effects, but """simple""" things like voronoi, blur (advanced), color modifications, transformations, and the ability to combine them at will, and we could create complex textures from scratch (like in Substance Designer) that are not size dependent. The actual effects available are good but too limited for my needs. 3°) Warp tool in vector. Like everybody here ^^... I know, it's already on the roadmap. 4°) Multiple gradient colors for the shape/stroke. I mean, if I fill a shape for example with a color, it can be a gradient (linear, elliptic, ...). I'd like to have an accumulation of gradients (with blending modes). I already have a workaround (I duplicate the shape, then fill each shape with a different gradient), but it would be time saving, as we can create 10 gradient for 1 shape and show 1 at a time. 5°) Export preferences in a file for all things we can keep in memory. For example, I can create my own pressure diagram for a stroke (if I use a mouse instead of a pencil) and keep it, a small icon appears. But I can't save it in a file. I'd like to. Many set tools set can be kept and reused, but can't be saved on disk. It's sad. 6°) Improve the pressure tool used in stroke and other things. Allow linear trajectories, bigger size for better adjustments... 7°) shapes filled by vector textures. Already asked, but I ask again. Too useful. With many parameters like distribution, size distribution, multiple objects put randomly (example of use: leaves on the ground in autumn), color distribution and so on. The distribution could be driven by other objects under (as rulers) or the color of pixelized textures. It's a little complicated to explain here, I can be more specific if you want. 8°) Perspective shape. I put many objects/layers/curves/whatever in a rectangular shape, and deform it to fake perspective. (like a ground, a wall). If i double-click on it it comes back to its rectangular shape and I can change things, and when I quit, the perspective is shown. Thanks, anyway. I'll update this post if I have other requests. (sorry for my english, it's not my native language)
  8. I am trying to subtract from an enclosed vector but I cannot find an option to do this in Affinity Photo. I can do this in PS CS5, I tried doing this in Affinity Photo but I do not see a subtract from mask option. The window on the house vector is an example of what I am trying to accomplish, I watched all the vector cropping Affinity videos but I couldn't find anything about subtracting from a vector mask. If you know how this can be done please let me know, thanks!
  9. Hi, As a long time Adobe Flash user, I'm used to make quick selections and modifications on vector shapes just by selecting a portion with the default cursor (see image). Also in Adobe Flash not every shape is automatically placed in its own seperate layer, instead shapes are automatically added to existing layer or shape. Vector shapes are rather added or withdrawn depending on their color, shapes of the same color are merged into one, while shapes of different colors are divided. I know this way of editing is not for everyone but I would very much like to have the option in Affinity Designer. regards, Ivo van de Grift Grootlicht Interactive Design
  10. Hello, Try these steps in Affinity Photo: - open an image - select Pen tool and create a closed object - turn off image layer - change to Node tool - select your object - select Fill on toolbar and select a Colour - change to Gradient tab there - click to end point for apply gradient - select other type from list: nothing happened in Elliptical and Radial mode, Conical is wrong. - select None tab - click on Recent item on None tab - change to Gradient tab again, and select a type: this will working. If change to Linear, and select None tab and Recent, type will not working again... And I cannot change position from 0%. Nowhere vertical, horizontal or diagonal (maybe percent?) rotate/angle for fill...
  11. I love how in AD you can crop anything you place on a layout. But in AP when you use the crop tool you only get the option to crop the whole document. Is there any way to do the AD crop in AP? thanks!
  12. Hi! I am used to using Adobe package, where is a strict division between software for vectors and software for rasters.I saw that the Affinity moves away from this scheme. Affinity Designer can create vectors, but also raster paintings? In addition, I heard that, both- Affinity Photo and Designer are using the same file extension. So I can open the file with the vectors in Affinity Photo? Could someone explain that to me? :P Which program is better to buy for digitalpainting? (for example, in the style of: http://memod.deviantart.com/gallery/) Thanks for all your help! :)
  13. Dear all, I'm sure that many of you already requested this feature and I was guessing where is located the function in the panel? Hoping is possible...Otherwise, what is the suggested alternative from the AD team? Thank you Pietro
  14. Hokusai

    The Siren

    Just wanted to share my take on what was originally a Hokusai ukiyo-e print (Hokusai Katsushika, 1760 - 1849, not me). I'm sorry I can remember the original name of this print but I thought Siren was a good name for it (but keep in mind that is the name of my version and not the actual name of the print that mine is based on). I saw it somewhere on my travels and I snapped a shot of it but the print was not in very good shape so I decided to recreate it using Designer. While Hokusai is most famous for his "Great Wave at Kanagawa" he made thousands of prints and there are many that are just as incredible as the "Great Wave". Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, Hokusai (not Katsushika)
  15. Hokusai

    Vitruvian Man

    Here is my version of DaVinci's "Vitruvian Man". I have always thought that there should be a color version of it. It was all done in Designer and while I don't normally use any of Designer's "Effects", I decided to this time. I hope that you enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to view my work, Hokusai
  16. bodobe


    New vector drawing: Julee (Affinity Designer) http://b-bertuleit.de/julee/
  17. Hello everybody, I am desperatly trying to edit a normal vector .psd file (no smart object) . Unfortunately erveytime I open the file, I get an ugly bitmap image. The different layers appears correctly, but I am not able to get a pixelfree image (=vector image). I already tried to take .ai copy of the file, unfortunately it didn´t worked out neither. How can I load a.psd vector file without any quality loss? Any clue someone? Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi all, I am trying to recreate creases on fabric using affinity designer (in vector) and I am having a hard time in recreating curved shadows in the creases. I.e. recreate something as in the attached (Curved Shadow), but in a much more complex background (with gradients etc.). The one attached I created using a outer shadow and then setting the fill opacity to 0% (see screenshot attached), but the problem with outer shadows is that if the radius is larger then the offset then you will see the shadow all around the shape (see Curved Shadow without rectangle image) and I had to cover it with another shape the same color as the background to hide the shadows I did not want to see. Having a limitation of the offset>radius appears is a big limitation in my case (want to have a very dark edge with a smooth gradient recreating a larger crease). Also in this image it was simple to cover as the background was a solid color, but in more complex images it is impossible to cover it seamlessly. Also things can get messy pretty quickly... Any suggestion? Did someone else resolve this issue in other ways? I tried with gradients, inner shadow, outer shadow, etc. No good solution so far... [Note: new to vector design in general so be kind to me....] Thanks
  19. I try to make my shapes clean. But get in to the trouble, it creates a small seams with visible background in pixel view. Is it possible to get rid of this seam (white border between shapes) when 2 shapes are connected to each other? Thank you.
  20. Hi, I'm very very very very very happy about all the Affinity softwares! The only thing in designer I really feel missing is an autotracer feature. I'd like to import my sketch directly from paper scan! Please, please, add it in your roadmap The workaround i use now is a site (http://www.autotracer.org/ - remove the link if i'm violating any forum rule) that allows me to convert rasters to vectors. BTW thanks anyway for your hard work and keep it up! Alessandro
  21. Hi, id like to ask if is possible to have in Affinity Designer a effect similar to Ai Zig Zag? Maybe with custom brushes, effects or some kind of trick, maybe? Is that even possible? Thanks
  22. digital_wampa

    Want some Candy! AD Vector

    A little late for Halloween but anyway... Affinity super sweet line tool in 1.6 plus keeping the software so stable. Nice work! Cheers
  23. SalfingerAndrew

    Affinity Designer - Buildings

    Hello everyone ^-^ I've been using Affinity Photo since it first came out on the iPad Pro and now own both Photo and Designer on the Mac and loving them <3 I've started to play around with different styles for some buildings I've been working on for a game. What do you think? Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.
  24. giantlobsterprd

    A quick portrait

    This morning's random posting. The devil is making work for some very idle hands at the moment. Still – back to the paid work on Monday.