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  1. OK, "duh", I guess. I found the numeric "skew" value (assuming that's what the "S" stands for in the Transform palette. I don't know why searching for "Skew" in the help doesn't take me there, but when I saw the rotation value and the little empty "S" value and started changing it, I was happy. (Suggestion for modification of the help system: there's nothing wrong with calling it "shear", lol, but I didn't think of that. Wouldn't it be nice if searching the help led me here anyway if I'm the kind of guy who still can't remember not to order a "small" coffee at Starbucks?)
  2. Thought I'd check in on this again. Looks like still no progress? Even a simple "skew" like we had in "Illustrator '88" would be a way to "fake it". There are so many advanced path manipulation functions that are tremendously useful that are already in Designer. I love the product, and this function isn't an everyday need, but whenever there is a need for it, there's just no substitute (other than tedious hand-manipulation of curves to fake it that never comes out quite right).
  3. I also agree with JoeSim - and for the same reasons. I'm really liking Affinity Publisher. Mailmerge would be the final "must" feature for me.
  4. Is there a way to distort vector artwork along a defined shape? Is there a way to simulate tilting it backward into space, skew or warp the artwork?
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