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  1. I had a problem with number two because I discovered that the "Show Rotation Center" was activated. I clicked to turn off the rotation center button. Finally, I able to use power duplicating. It was not in the book. A tiny problem was into a big problem that wasted my time (30 minutes). Another problem, the writer's explanation in the book was no good. I went thru his instruction in the book and your instruction that helped me. Actually, yours and other posters (or commentators) are better than him.
  2. I had to start over to see what was my problem. Finally, I solved it with my way instead of the book. I wasted a lot of my time. The writer does not a good job because of the confusion, especially for the beginners (and me). Here is attached PDF in case if you have a problem with the Lace Frame page (314 to 317). Lace Frame Logo steps.pdf
  3. Oh that is what I am looking for the Expand Stroke in the Menu Layer - not in the Stroke Panel. Bummer! Actually, I looked at my Studio (View Menu) and I do not see the "Expand Stroke" but just Stroke on the list. That is very different now. ...Why Expand Stroke is not in the Studio list?
  4. I have two layers on the right side of the column. See the orange words in the picture. (Layer 1 + Layer 2 = 2 layers). In the book, a chart shows that it has three layers. That one I cannot figure out. I am using my Mac computer. Pšenda showed the picture that has three layers. (See Psenda's post) I do not know if Expand Stroke is supposed to create a 3rd layer automatically. See the red arrow. I am guessing that there is a button somewhere in the Stroke that I would have created the 3rd layer - maybe I'm wrong. (By the way, the objects, that you saw, are the symbol icons.)
  5. I followed your steps and they look good except number 4. I still have two layers.
  6. (1) Why do I have two layers since I created the document? This book showed three layers. (2) For #2 (in the book) - Please see the pictures here below... The picture for Step 3.png - it is not correct so I know that this is wrong but I do not get it. (3) It showed me how to use the Rotation Centre on YouTube which is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXq4hqFxPAg . Step 1: Step 3: Step 2:
  7. Would it be a possibility for you to show me your video clip for this tutorial? I think that the author did not proofread this tutorial. (Page 315 to 317) This is what I am stuck on page 316.
  8. Designer Work Book on Page 316, Step 1. I clicked Add icon from the Toolbar. Now, I do not understand about the Expand Stroke. Here says in the book "... Then, from the Layer Menu, select Expand Stroke. You'll see that in our Layers Panel we now have a sperate lower fill layer and the stroke is now one, single complete vector shape." I have two separate layers now. This book has three layers. What is going on? This quote does not help me to understand it. (See the 2nd picture below.) Step Number 2 (in the book), I clicked the Forward One icon and also Subtract icon to change the color from gray to white for the square in the center of the logo (See the 2nd picture below). It does not change the color or the layer. What did I miss?
  9. On page 282 (Designer Work Book)... It says, "Apply a linear gradient of HSL 28, 67, 27 > 52, 65, 67 to the shape." There were two groups of HSL somewhere in the book that got my attention this time. What should I have to do with a different group of colors? I type HSL 28, 67, 27 but I have no idea what does this mean: " > 52, 65, 67 ." Am I supposed to change it from 28, 67, 27 to 52, 65, 67 ?
  10. ha ha. I just dive in the water... Yes, Stokerg. I also copied it to cover the spaces which I did not follow in the instructions because I could not figure out the problem.
  11. Affinity Design Work Book: Can any of you understand on page 241 and number 3 for Ceiling? I do not understand how to divide the ellipse and rectangles. I know where the divide icon is on the Designer software. Also, am I supposed to have two different colors on ellipse and rectangles?
  12. Here are two pictures. The first picture, I typed Polygon and clicked "Polygon." Then, the second picture, it showed up a white page. It looks that my software's Help is missing. I had Photoshop software and used to type it for Help that showed up the list. I do not modify anything on my Affinity Designer software program, and that is what happened.
  13. I was working on page 212 (Affinity Designer Work Book). How can I continue adding the nodes? I took a break for a while and I lost how to add the node. Another question about another Node, it has a red squared red. What is going on? I am tired now from trying to figure out how to add or continue the nodes. I am not too happy about it. I use the option (keyboard) and mouse to click on the blue line that shows up the nodes, but it does not let me add or continue the nodes that took me half hour with different buttons (keyboard) such as shift, control, option, and command. (See the picture on the left side is my work - not finished. The other picture belongs to Affinity's demo.)