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Found 395 results

  1. Hey, So in Photoshop you can Ctrl click a layer and use either Alt, Shift, and Alt+Shift (on Windows) to allow the subtracting, adding or selecting the intersection of the current selection. This is really handy for creating masks and composite shapes. I know in Affinity Photo that you can Ctrl click a layer to select the opaque area, but using the keyboard modifiers doesn't seem to do anything else. Is there another way to do what I do in Photoshop in Affinity Photo? Cheers, Mark
  2. One of the very few features I miss in Designer is Illlustrators Group Selection Tool, the +Cursor. I have not figured out how to make this work in Designer, other than selecting every singel vector point in the nested object. Have I missed something here?
  3. Hi, I am trying to slowly replace PS with AP, but there are still some features I miss from the dominant PS. One of the example is drag the mouse to quickly select or deselect layers. Right now, when i try to drag select/deselect on the layers panel, AP will try to drag change the order of the layers/groups. Is there an option to configure a key-modifier like pressing down CTRL will allow me drag select?
  4. Hi All, I would like to use Affinity Photo to create some nice low ploy art. In other software packages you draw some triangles and apply an average blur. In attached image I have started to draw some triangles using the pen tool and grouped them above the image. Please can someone help and advice if there is a way to apply a blur effect on the entire group which will affect the image underneath it. (Not the pen border). Any help is much appreciated! Thank you.
  5. Hello together, first of all, thank you very much for your magnificent software, I'm working with the Beta for Windows now some days and it's very fun to do so. Nontheless I have a question regarding the Marquee pixel selection tools (e.g. elliptical marquee and rectangular marquee tool) and their modifier keys. I have consulted the help and found there are only two modifier keys, one which constrains the proportions (Shift) and on modifier key the removes ares from the current selection (Alt) and the possibility to drag with both left and right mouse button down) to add to a selection. I would ask if it is possible to add some more (from my personal experience) very useful modifier keys which would make it way easier to select circular shapes. A modifier key to draw the marquees from the center point rather than from the egde where the click at the begin occurred, for example holding the (Strg) key or another suitable one down Another modifier key I find very useful is, e.g. holding the (spacebar) key down to move the selection on the fly while it is still being drawn holding the mouse key down These are just some things I find really useful that make with selection these tools much easier to work with, I'm quite accustomed to such key modifiers as they are available in Photoshop CC. Thank you again and a wonderful week ahead. Kindest regards from Germany, Robert Christian Strasser
  6. Is there a max in the amount of highlighted objects in a marquee selection?
  7. Hi there, First of all, i'm loving Affinity! I'm testing the windows betas and i will need about 5 licenses of each application very soon. But, for me, it's been very hard to use it because the selection of objects in Affinity designer. I've found the option "Select object when intersects with selection marquee", wich supose to be se same as "Select object by path only" in illustrator, but it's not exactly. The main problem is when i try to select objects in front of a bigger object... it selects the bigger one and i cant get those i wanted. I think this option is kind of useless with this behavior. I know there is a possibility to use layers... but it will create a artwork with a lot of layers to make small selections, can be not productive. I do preffer to use layers for important things. Is there a possibility to change this in a near future? Thanks
  8. If I have a combined path object with a hole in it (eg. a donut made of two separate circles by Geometry > Combine), no object will be selectable through the hole in the framing object, either through regular or ctrl-selection. This will only manifest if the target object is below the framing object in the layer window. In the attached file, I can select the green dot, but not the red one. selectability_test.afdesign
  9. Hello, I've played around with Affinity Photo again and I've encountered a behavior that, in my opinion, interferes with the workflow. An example: In Photoshop Elements I load an image and create a copy with CTRL-J. I create a selection with the selection brush, press CTRL-C and CTRL-V to create a new layer with the selected element. I go back to the copied layer and create with the selection brush another selection, press CTRL-C and CTRL-V to create a new layer with the selected item. At Photo Affinity I go the same way. Only after the creation of the first selection and the generation of a new layer the selection remains, so that it has to be removed first, which is completely unnecessary and irritating.
  10. An improvement suggestion: The ability to select by tonal range is very very useful, BUT it would be mega useful if it were possible to add additional controls in a daughter dialogue box to refine the selection of the tonal range - dark point, light point and feather. The I wouldn't need luminosity masks. :) I hope this is the right place for suggestions.
  11. I have been trying to achieve a cut out with a subject with hair wisps. I have used the selection brush, then selected refine. I start the use of the refine brush through the refine window however it suddenly seems to loose what I have done and reverts back to the initial selection loosing all the refine data. If I 'refine only a small area, then let it re-calculate, then sometimes I can go onto the next area retaining what has just been done. Again, for no apparent reason, it will reset loosing what I have just achieved plus what I thought I had successfully worked upon. Is this a bug?
  12. This is basically a bump of this topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13457-pressing-the-space-bar-when-drawing-a-shape-should-temporarily-allows-us-to-move-it/ Attached a gif from the thread to more easily describe it.
  13. One of the things I do from time to time on complex edits in Photoshop is luminosity masking, using the channels tab to make a range of luminosity masks to which I can apply various edits. I have been looking at the system for pixel selection from the channels tab in Affinity, but I'm not sure I have got a proper grasp on how, or even if, it is possible to create a range of luminosity masks. ​Is this something that is not possible either in Affinity or through the use of the channels panel?
  14. With the info panel visible, I select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and draw some kind of rectangle. Immediately upon releasing the mouse button (track pad in my case), the width and height values disappear immediately (revert to the "--" value, more specifically). I would expect that the values should remain in the info panel while the selection remains active. About once every ten times, the values remain, but I am at a loss as to why they should randomly work on very rare occasions.
  15. No puedo seleccionar objetos comunes en color de relleno, o en trazo o color de trazo. (Hace falta)
  16. This is still not fixed: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/20237-adesigner-the-whole-grid-and-design-is-shifted-after-show-context-toolbar/?p=94208
  17. Hello, I have been using AI for many years and I got used to some useful selection tools such as: - ability to select separate Path points in Paths that are made of grouped layers. At the moment I have to either ungroup my Paths in Layers panel or open the group in Layers panel and select a Path to work on. - ability to select certain types of objects such as: Type selection, Same Colour selection, Same Stroke width selection. - ability to select and then transform a group of Path points, by using a lasso or selection tool. For example take the inner points of the star and twist them all with rotation tool. I think these would be awesome, if added to the general awesomeness of Affinity Designer. Thanks a lot for your work!
  18. Hi everyone! How can I lock layer's selection so if i click outside of the layer, It wouldn't be deselected? It's useful mostly in moving layers and working with vectors.
  19. Hi all, Since Affinity Photo doesn't show tooltips with dimensions on the Marquee Tool (feature request), we have to depend on the Info panel for dimensions. However, when selecting with Marquee Tool, once the mouse key is released, the width of the current selection disappears! It becomes impossible to know the dimensions of the selection! This is very annoying and I wish developers kept the width and height of the selection shown in the Info panel persistently.
  20. Hey there, today I worked with the common rectangular selection and was wondering if there’s a way to move the selection while creating it. Situation was I wanted to select a specific area and missed it by one pixel at the top only … I'm used to hold down the spacebar as a modification key and move/adjusting the its position it while creating it as long as the key is pressed. I mostly used it for rectangular, circular and the column selections. Would be a nice addition, so one would save an additional step in creating the selection by drawing another rectangle over the existing one or even create a new one while zoomed in. What do you guys think? :) Cheers Dennis
  21. Right now, it is difficult to create pixel-perfect selections using marquee tool because the size of the selection isn't shown while selection in progress (the Info panel is reporting inaccurate size). Having a little tooltip next to the cursor that reports the size of the current selection would be very, very helpful.
  22. Hello, there is a very strange behavior (since 1.5, in 1.4 everything was fine) once I select something and deselect it, then the selection outline is still active and stays active no matter what I do (see screenshot, the pink/purple outline). It's impossible to work like that :(
  23. Hi! First of all sorry if my english is no so good... I'm using the last version of Affinity Photo (latest version) on my Macboook Pro with Mac OS Sierra. I am detecting that when I'm trying to refine a selection using the brush of the tool dialog sometimes all the box of "Refine" dissapears from the screen, and only pops up again when I press Enter or other key. I remember in previous versions of Affinity Photo that the box did not dissapear when working with this tool. I hope some fix its on the way to solve it. Thanks! Cecilio
  24. Given a circle C and a series of concentric squares A1, A2 etc, I would like C to cut across A1...An right down the middle and apply a subtraction on all of them. If I select all of them and try to do it wholesale, it applies as if A3-(A2-A1) etc, when what I really want is (C-A1) U (C-A2) etc. I have attached pictures of the setup and what I actually want. When I apply a grouped subtraction, everything gets deleted, obviously. Is there a simple way of doing this? Thank you, craftybones
  25. Hi all, Good day all, i looking for solution for an issue that happened on my mac sierra A.D 1.4.3. I've encounter "selection issue" after new 1.4.3 update, the slection bar is kept blinking and i could not track down the problem. Please allow me to attached video to explain what happened, please help. Thanks. BEN

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