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  1. So I am currently working on something and had an idea of a feature that would be really powerful and helpful to use. My idea is to create adaptive paths that can be locked to a point/vertex/edge/etc that would adjust both its length and shape according to the position of that point it is locked to. For instance, I'm making a circuit diagram and would find being able to move parts around without having to redraw each wire so convenient and useful. I believe Lucidchart has something similar (I'm unsure about this but have heard when discussing with some friends), and I believe having some parameters such as if the path has to be purely vertical/horizontal lines, curved lines, etc. I hope this idea gets enough love to be implemented as I feel like there are many uses for this.
  2. Ah okay, thanks for letting me know! Do you guys have any estimates for when it's likely to be fixed? Or if not, how long has it been known about, roughly?
  3. So I was recently trying to make a design for a project that needed intricate details, so I decided to make those details I'd make a brush. I designed it quickly and then exported the file with just the selection and transparency exported, and then when I created the brush I set which points were the head and tail of the brush, and tried to set out to work - except I noticed when I drew with the brush that at the tail end, the stroke was split at the horizontal mid-point and moved forward a noticeable amount. I thought it was an issue with how I exported it, so I tried several more times to fix it with a new brush and each led to the same outcome. I thought maybe it was an issue with the design, so I tried using a banner brush I had made before, and also the preset brushes. They all had the same issue. I questioned if it was possibly my graphics card affecting the rendering, so tried using my internal GPU. Didn't work. I've tried several different ideas and have run out of potential reasons for it not working, so I thought I'd post here to see if other people had the same issue, knew of a fix and also to ensure that Serif are aware of it too. I've attached a path I made below and this is how it exported, so it isn't just how I'm viewing the stroke.
  4. Hey, One feature that always bugs me is the fact in the history of a document, selecting or deselecting an object is included. I find it irritating that there isn't at the very least an option to not include this in the history as it is something so minimal that can lead to you losing a huge chunk of your history should you want to temporarily go back and accidentally (de)select an object as that loses any progress you made in that time. I understand sometimes it can be helpful, but most of the time I find it to be a nuisance. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, Harry