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  1. Hi MEB, Solved, thanks to your guidance! Regards, Mauro
  2. Great! I will follow your instructions step by step. Thank you. Regards, Mauro
  3. Hi MEB, Thank you for the prompt feedback. I have just taken a picture of the Sun, which I have cropped to get a square canvas with the Sun at its centre. If I activate the layer menu, I see I have only a puxel background layer (see attached). If I activate the Transform Studio, I cannot operate any rotation, as all the options are greyed. What did I miss? Cheers, Mauro
  4. I am used to take daily pictures of the Sun, which appear as a filled circle on a black background. Such pictures have to be derotated by a certain angle to get the solar North exactly upwards and the South downwards in the x and y reference system of the image. Anyway, being an AP-iPad newbie, I have been not very successful with the relevant workflows I have tried. In fact, I have used the canvas rotation feature, which worked fine, but this resulted in an image which was obviously not squared in x and y. Hence, I have been unable to fill the missing parts to get a squared image that can be saved. Then, I have tried to work with a selection containing only the solar disk, but I got lost when trying to save a final image. Therefore, I would be grateful to get some hints about the most effective way to apply the rotation and to save the result. Thank you in advance!

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