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  1. I know it's available as a plugin but, now that google have confirmed no more development of nik collection, what chance/ value in obtaining it to extend AP and/or to maintain the tools and perhaps tightly integrate? Seems to me to have value as a tool set, as a positive means to bring more users to AP, and makes business sense both to Serif and to Google (who can only otherwise disappoint current Nik users, of both the paid variety and those who got it for free) - why let it atrophy...... Regards.
  2. Hi, I recently installed the trial version of Affinity photo along with the google nik plugin. My issue is that when another user logs in and starts uses Affinity photo they have to re-add the plugin. Once the plugin is added for that user on that Mac they won't have to re-add it. We currently have 6 PC's with the trial version on and if multiple users use the application and move around it becomes quite a bit of hassle to re-add the plugin over and over. Is there anyway for the plugin to be added for every user that logs into that computer? Thanks, Will
  3. Hello All, I have to apologize for posting yet another NIK question, but I have been seeing all kinds of different takes on how it works and whether it works in Affinity and I'd like to understand if it is a work in progress or if this is it. I work in 16-bit and Prophoto RGB, and NIK Color Efex Pro colors (for instance) look terrible when I run it. I converted my document to 8 bit and no joy, the colors still look terrible. I finally converted my document to sRGB and the colors finally look correct. I have never had to do these conversions before. Do I have to do this conversion whenever I want to use the plug-ins? Is there any point in converting back to Prophoto 16-bit after I do this? Do I have to work in 8-bit sRGB to use these plug-ins? If anybody out there using a similar workflow has advice I would be very grateful! Affinity Photo Windows
  4. Can someone please give me a step by step to add NIK plugins, Ive downloaded but can not load install.
  5. I uploaded the plugins and overtime I try to run the Nik Color Efex 4 plugin I get two screens that freeze. I have to force quit out of Affinity. Below is the screen shot of the double screens and also my preference settings.
  6. Good news for us ! Perhaps I'm not the fist one but I found the way to use all the plugins of the Nik Collection in Affinity Photo. After installing the Nik Collection by following tutorials, we all have the same problems : Viveza 2, Sharpener Pro 3, Dfine 2 et Selective Tool doesn't work. The problem come from the Windows format of the config file of each plugins. In fact, this file is a text file format with the .config extension. Analog Efex Pro 2 - natively works Color Efex Pro 4 - natively works Dfine 2 - you have to replace the Dfine2.config HDR Efex Pro 2 - natively works Sharpener Pro 3 - you have to replace the SHP3.config Silver Efex Pro 2 - natively works Viveza 2 - you have to replace the Viveza2.config (after a quick test, this one doesn't work very well, because of a color problem - I'm not enought competent to solve it) Selective Tool - can't works in AP because it's a sort of scripts panel to call Nik plugins with different ways - We could create similar actions with AP Macros. How and where replacing the .config files ? Go to the folder you create before installing the Nik collection / Google / In Dfine 2 folder > replace Dfine2.config (you have to login) In Sharpener Pro 3 folder > replace SHP3.config (you have to login) In Viveza 2 folder > replace Viveza2.config (you have to login) If you didn't erase the way to access to these plugins in AP's preferences, they works now. Enjoy it ! configs files.zip
  7. Will we be able to use the (now) free Nik plugin collection from Google in Affinity Photo? It would be great as I always work with those ones. I tried re-installing them but Photoshop is the only supported platform it seems. This would have a dramatic impact in my choice of switching from PS to Affinity!
  8. Hi all, I have problems in using the NIK collection plugins with Affinity Photo: They always run in demo mode and after 15 days, they can no longer be used, except as standalone applications. I have no other host application than Affinity Photo. Also I had no previous installation of an older version of NIK on my system. I downloaded version 1.2.11 a few weeks ago and installed it following to the video I found here. I created a folder /Applications/Photoshop plugins and added this in the host applications dialog of the NIK installer. In AP I added this folder as plugin folder, checked "allow unknown plugins" (or so, I have a German version running), and selected "authorise globally" using the root folder "/". I tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugins several times but I still could start them only in demo mode - or not at all after the trial period had ended. So I created a test user on my Mac to figure out, where the information about the trial period is stored. I found out that the period starts newly when I delete the content of the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinityphoto/Data/Library/Application Support/Software. It is not enough to remove some of the contained files or folders; everything must be removed. After doing so, I can use the plugins again for 15 days. This is of course a bit annoying but a work-around. Now my question: Does anybody know what this folder is for? What could be lost when deleting it? If anyone has a better idea how to deal with this problem, I would be glad to read about. I know that many people can use the plugins without these silly license restrictions. If this is helpful: I first experienced the problem with AP 1.4.3. In the meanwhile, I use 1.5.1. Operating system is MacOS 10.12.1. I use German localisation. Many thanks!
  9. Will Nik plugins work with AP? I tried to use the plugin feature, within AP but doesn't seem to recognize it. Also, I'm using version 1.5 Beta!
  10. Hi, One thing that's great about LR and PS is the option to use 3PP plugins, such as those from Nik Collection (now Google and for free). Is there a plan to bring these into Affinity as well? Or would I have to bag Google for that? Thanks
  11. I have recently installed Nik Software plug ins on Affinity. I have tried to use Silver Efex to turn a color image to B+W, and the tweaks I have made on Silver Efex have worked perfectly well - exactly the same as they did on Aperture, and on Photoshop Elements when the edited image in all its b+w glory appeared in each of these programs. However, when I try and leave Silver Efex to go back to Affinity when i have finished doing my alterations, the image on Affinity is exactly the same as when I started. There is no B+W image. So where is it, and how do i save it. I assume I should do this from Affinity as there is no way I can do so from the base at the top of the page with the Nik Software. Its probably something very simple, but HELP please!
  12. I wish Affinity would acquire the newly abandoned Nik Viveza from Google. This would be a great addition to Affinity Photo, and a fantastic Photos extension. This is the number one feature I miss since moving to Affinity. Here is a link describing and showing Viveza: https://www.google.c...roducts/viveza/ YouTube links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLp5lYDsQi4gkL89jbJYu8rvCK0fDwHABP&v=tuCi1k7S0Ig https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMYTYMLoeNA&index=5&list=PLp5lYDsQi4gkL89jbJYu8rvCK0fDwHABP&nohtml5=False Here is the Google announcement of redirecting focus to smartphones.
  13. Hi, I am trying to use NIK collection as described in several posts. Installation runs and finishes properly, I can guide AP to the desired plugin folder, allow it the use of unknown plugins etc. Now comes the tricky part: I open an image and start filter -> plugins -> NIK Collection -> Analog Efex Pro 2. What happens now is best described this way: it seems the application NIK collection launches twice. First it launches in full screen mode and then in normal mode. I can see in the background that in full screen mode the image has been loaded, but not in the normal mode. And that is it. From here I cannot do anything but force-quit AP because no button will react on mouse clicks. Any hints?
  14. I'm using Affinity Photo 1.3.5 running on El Capitan and Nik Collection 1.2.11. Installing the Nik plugins works, but when I want to use them, I only get the demo splash screen (buy / demo). I have the full (paid) version installed and can use them as stand-alone apps or from within Aperture without problem. When I click on Demo (such as with Analog Efex most of time time nothing happens and I need to force quit Affinity Photo (Affinity Photo then starts consuming 180% of CPU %). I wonder why the Nik plugins only start in Demo mode when called from within Affinity Photo. Are there any extra settings I need to change or any files I need to copy to somewhere? Thanks.
  15. I am a happy user of AP. The only thing not allowing me to stop using Photoshop is the plugin functionality. Is there any information when we can expect plugins to work, at least Nik collection, Topaz and Macphun. For me some of the Topaz plugin works but only once if I try them twice they will crash, also for the NIK some work some do not (and there seems to be a color difference from what I see within the plugin and the result being sent in to AP). I wish for on1 plugins but that may be more difficult if I understand correctly, but on a positive note the claim on their blog the they do not work with AP at the moment - maybe that will change. Bottom line, does anyone now the status of plugin support?
  16. Does Affinity have any live telephone tech support? Will it work with Nik Software plug-ins? Are there any books or manuals to instruct new users? Or is it simply online tutorials?
  17. I am trying to replace PhotoShop with Affinity and would love to be able to utilize the same programs as plug-ins in Affinity. Is there any list of what does work, and what will be working within Affinity? I have up-graded to Yosemite from Lion on my MAC Mini, so ther are a lot of things I need to upgrade and up-date and I am hoping Affinity is one of them. Michael McGuire, Atlanta GA
  18. After watching an extremely helpful video on the forum I have finally been able to load the Nik filters plugin which appeared to be functional. When I tried to use a filter though I got the message shown in attached file. Any suggestions please?
  19. I noticed you could link to photoshop plugins while testing the app today. yes the app crashes a bit, it's beta but I was surprised that it actually opened the plugins and with the exception of HDR pro was able to use them. Opening them, I got a message saying I needed to buy the plugins... obviously I already had but was able to use them in demo mode. I tried t reinstall them to see if Affinity photo came up on the compatible software list, which it didn't. If Nik plugins were supported right out of the gate, I would pretty much be able to dump photoshop almost immediately after the release. It seems so far you have most of wha ti need already in the software or planned to go in. I do extensive retouching for TV documentaries (American Experience and others) and it looks just about up to the task of that level of work. So I would like to know if NIK plugins will be supported but also if you plan more drawing tools, like pens and pressure sensitive brushes. I tend to draw on the computer and use a tablet these days more and more. thank you and I am surprised how excited i am about this and the up-coming page layout app you are planning. With your apps and a few others I would be happily away from the Adobe products I have had to use except After Effects which no one has yet yo come close to producing a reasonable alternative.
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