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  1. Ah, thanks a lot! This video helped a great deal - especially with the point to add the root directory as a plugin support. Works now like a charm. The only thing I'd be happy if it would be improved is that when returning to Photo from any of the Nik collection plugins, the result is placed in a new layer, rather than overwriting the original layer. Sure, I can always duplicate my layer before calling the plugin as a workaround. However, I have to always remember that and it is an additional (unnecessary) manual step. Cheers, Alex
  2. Thanks, this one helped tackling the "Global Support Required" issue - who would've thought you need to add the system's root directory to the support plugin folder list from that message ;-) One thing to mention here that would be nice in Affinity: if you come back from any of the plugin edits, would be nice to put the result on a new layer (just like PS does). That would save an unnecessary manual step - or actually a couple of manual steps if you didn't know the edit will end up on the same layer you started from and you've got to undo, copy the layer and re-do the entire Nik edit again...
  3. Hi, One thing that's great about LR and PS is the option to use 3PP plugins, such as those from Nik Collection (now Google and for free). Is there a plan to bring these into Affinity as well? Or would I have to bag Google for that? Thanks
  4. Interesting to hear. However, I don't want to abandon Lightroom. Hence, a plugin to Lightroom, which allows me to "Edit in..." Affinity (and get back like it works with other programs) would be much more useful than yet another photo management app. I heard that with Capture One you already can call Affinity for editing your images. so, LR plugin much more wanted than an Affinity photo managing app. Please consider. Thanks.
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