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  1. Hello, that is almost what I need. Except I miss exporting pathes to tif or psd instead of jpeg. How do I export to these formats WITH a path?
  2. Anyone knows the AiVpack plugin for Illustrator? I may need to create packages soon but would like to stick to Designer instead of Illustrator. But I guess this does not work. Opinions or experience anyone? http://erpa.de/loesungen/adober-illustratorr-plug-in/index.html
  3. I apologize for picking up this issue. I am not satisfied with the results of the discussion. I just designed some simple graphics in CMYK mode, using only b/w. I created a 0/0/0/100 black and assigned it to my design. In the end I exported the layout to PDF. And exactly as described by Chris_K my black in Acrobat ends up as 76/67/65/79 CMYK. This is absolutely not acceptable. Every other color would export correct, but the most commonly used one, a simple black does not? Seriously, guys, you gotta work on this! Every printer will tell me to rework the artwork, and it does not help to "know" that if I re-imported it to Designer (which is still not the market’s #1) it would occur as black only. The printers usually test files with Acrobat Pro and when they see black being mixed from 4 colors they tend to go whoop whoop! I really like almost everything about Designer, but this behaviour is crappy. Until today I only knew this from Apps like Word.
  4. Sure they do, but spending 900 € vs spending 299€ makes a crackling difference… Anyway, thanks for your answer. Maybe I just do the artsy stuff at home?
  5. I am planning on a chromebook. But I would hate to lose the ability to work in my favorite graphic designer applications, both Photo an Designer do comfort me a lot. Do you plan on extending into the Chrome iOS world? For me it would be fine to have an app-only solution sort of "reduced-to-the-most-popular" functionalities. On the road I am not so much into creating completely new art work, but just a little fiddling around with what I have. And before one asks: yes, I have tried Vectr and this will NOT be a solution for me.
  6. Thanks. You know this moment when you are fool blind? What I found was the possibility to mask the shaped area and then fill it – so I lost the shape itself. Next time I'll use your method…
  7. I'm just at a similar point, alas I'm working in Photo not Designer: how do I fill my drawn shape with a fill color?
  8. Hello, I have just watched a tutorial in this topic here: which is helpful, but doesn’t cover the whole story. 1st of all, if I press the alt key I cannot zoom out in the panel. I work on a "german" machine, is the key different? But what bothers me more is the fact that I do not understand the window that pops up after calling the filter. It displays some very confusing stuff (see attached example). Can you tell me how to read the greyscale image?
  9. I totally agree with Paul, charts would be the killer feature for AD!!! You can guess the importance of my statement – I used three exclamation marks. Something I'd never do in normal life.
  10. Quickndirty solution. Same problem here, but I need the metadata. What now?
  11. You are one smart guy. Thx, problem solved. btw: is this a difficult issue from a programmer's point of view? One of my favorite features of OS X is the full screen and split screen option. It would be great if you could solve this problem.
  12. Yes, I would like to use it in windowed Mode. But I have no choice, the collection launches both in windowed and full screen mode. And from here there is nothing to do for me.
  13. Hi, I am trying to use NIK collection as described in several posts. Installation runs and finishes properly, I can guide AP to the desired plugin folder, allow it the use of unknown plugins etc. Now comes the tricky part: I open an image and start filter -> plugins -> NIK Collection -> Analog Efex Pro 2. What happens now is best described this way: it seems the application NIK collection launches twice. First it launches in full screen mode and then in normal mode. I can see in the background that in full screen mode the image has been loaded, but not in the normal mode. And that is it. From here I cannot do anything but force-quit AP because no button will react on mouse clicks. Any hints?
  14. Nobody answering can indicate no-one understands the question. AFAIK: whaaat? Could you please post an example and hit what you want to do?
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