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  1. I don't have to justify my workflow, cause of the lack of a simple and basic function in the app. It should give you the option to open what you want, and not what a programmer thinks would be better. For my workflow on the iPad on vacation in 95% of my use cases I do not need to develop the RAW and I do not want it at all, if it is not necessary. But of course I want to keep them backuped! I use Olympus and Panasonic cameras. These correct the lenses used fully automatically. This is especially for panoramas useful that I want to create with Affinity on the iPad when on vacation. Would you like to develop 6 to 10 RAWs a time just to check if your Pano-Stitch will work? The JPEGs OOC are very well usable. And the Photos App will never put that out in that quality. For me developing a RAW is only really necessary if the 8-bit processing spectrum of a JPEG is not enough. Besides, I don't want to load my pictures into a cloud at the resort and ride with little extra luggage. The iPad is a good and easy to use solution to backup until I'm back home. Cost of space is not relevant for this use.
  2. Thank you for answering. That‘s very sad and should be implemented shortly please. E.g. Photogene was able to choosebetween jpeg and raw. @pmmudditt, my iPad is my Backup on travel, so its important to me. And the ipad automaticly imports both filetypes. Which is great as a backup. And I use most of my jpeg ooc e.g. for panoramas etc. I only develop pictures if needed to do. I just do not want to develop every picture if it is not necessary.
  3. After importing my pictures (RAW+JPEG, Olympus and Panasonic) from my cameras to Apple Photos on my iPad 10,5“ Pro, Apple Photos shows the JPEG as main format, Affinity Photo for iPad allways and only shows and opens the RAW file. I can only open the RAW with develop persona, but not the JPEG. I do not want this for every picture. Instead I want to choose to open JPEG or RAW. How can I open a JPEG from my imported pictures? What is the best practice? And I really want to import both formats to my iPad. Have looked in the Help but I did not find any answer. Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. Cool. Thank you very much. Works. Unfortunately not for my picture. :( Any Idea how to curve it?
  5. Hello, can anyone please tell me, how the deform filter works? I just get a 0-100% controller, but nothing happens. I want to curve my picture, 'cause a full defish is not necessary. :)
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