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  1. Well done! The issue was solved with update 1.7.2. I could open and work with the file without further problems.
  2. Hi Jon, Publisher even crashes when clicking on no objects at all. I can safely click on the menu bar and the tools panels but anywhere else results in a crash. I am able to import the corrupted file into a new document without problems. But, as mentioned above, any new document crashes Publisher when trying to import the text styles of the corrupted file..
  3. Thank you very much, I'm uploading. Or try this link if you please: https://spaces.hightail.com/space/vmsrH21CSm
  4. Here is the original file. My first upload was interrupted so I took the copy. PS: When I created a new document and tried to import the text styles from the corrupt file the new document containing no objects at all crashed Publisher too. Thank you for your investigations. L&S_Publisher.afpub
  5. Suddenly Publisher quit when clicking on a text frame after working on the table of contents. After restarting the first click inside the document resulted in a crash. Resaving was possible but did not solve the problem. Same when trying to open the document in Affinity Designer. 9-page document is 195 MB despite not containing any photo.L&S Publisher.afpub System: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6, further information attached. Thank you in advance for your efforts. L&S_Publisher_Kopie.afpub
  6. Yes, span columns is definitely a must-have. I remember when this feature was introduced in InDesign and how very much easier it made life of a layouter.
  7. Yes, please! GREP in find&replace and in paragraphs styles. Essential to me for automatically raise 2s and 3s for units of measurements, English ordinal numbers or the female endings of academic titles in german texts.
  8. Not able to activate OpenType Font Frutiger LT Pro. If a text with this font is copied from InDesign the font is available but not applicable on new text. I tried to reactivate the font family in FontExplorerX Pro but to no avail - after a restart of Affinity Designer the font family was still not available. Affinity Designer 1.4.2 on OS X 10.9.5
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