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  1. I bought Designer for Windows and have been using it for a while. But it is far from satisfactory. To go through all glitches should cause me lots of job. Just to name an example, the crop tool does not work. I have compared to Affinity Photo, which is totally superior. I'm seriously disappointed, and I want a refund or some kind of substantial compensation.
  2. Can you please provide the download link to Affinity Photo for Windows?
  3. Can I install Google Nik in Affinity Designer for Windows?
  4. In the "Help" window I see among the Key features that Affinity Designer has support for plugins. Can I plugin the Google Nik collection? And if I can, how do I do it? Rgs /Ernie W
  5. Hi, A friend of mine has the Macintosh version. He told me about a function called "Haze removal". Is that available in the Windows version? Rgs /EGW
  6. I have tried the Sharping Brush tool on a photo. Bu maybe this photo is already so sharp it is not possible whith more sharpness? Btw, is it possible to apply an unsharp mask on a photo?
  7. I have serveral serious issues with my Affinitiy Designer for Windows. In fact, the program is hardly useful at all. 1. The crop tool does not work at all. What it does is to just move the picture around on the canvas. 2. The "Convert object to artboard" and "Convert artboard to object" menu options are greyed oout. 3. Seems like some tools are missing from the toobox (I have checked the option "Customise tools"). 4. Not all tools are working. The "Sharpen brush" has no effect whatsoever. I can see the potential for this program. But as it is now, there are too many things that does not work.
  8. Affinity Designer, yes. I have found the Sharpen Tool, but it has no effect whatsoever.
  9. I have the Windows version. Unfortunately, there is no "Undo brush tool" in the toolbox. Neither is there any Healing tool. Btw, I found the Sharpening tool, it is a standing cone or triangle. But is has now effect whatsoever on the picture.
  10. Btw, what is the difference between Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo? My main interest is Photography, and maybe I should have bought the Affinity Photo instead!
  11. Thank you for your response. I have found that panel, but I'm looking for the sharpen brush, and I dould not find it there,
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