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  1. WillTechnician

    Plugins across multiple users

    Hi Lee, The plugins are still available for each user on log in, if they are done for that specific user. Would there be any way to set up the plugins so that they are available to any user that logs in to that computer? For example a new user logs in and uses Affinity and then the plugins are available without setting adding them in preferences.
  2. Hi, I recently installed the trial version of Affinity photo along with the google nik plugin. My issue is that when another user logs in and starts uses Affinity photo they have to re-add the plugin. Once the plugin is added for that user on that Mac they won't have to re-add it. We currently have 6 PC's with the trial version on and if multiple users use the application and move around it becomes quite a bit of hassle to re-add the plugin over and over. Is there anyway for the plugin to be added for every user that logs into that computer? Thanks, Will