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  1. I just watched a webinar from on1 regarding their new version of their photo suite now called Photo 10. They say there that it will now run under plugins in photoshop (and not need automate) and they even mention that this may allow it to work in Affinity Photo. This would great since the On1 plugin is the only reason I still have to use Photoshop (hand a lot of preset etc there that I am not to happy to redo in another plugin). I am really hoping for this........
  2. I am a happy user of AP. The only thing not allowing me to stop using Photoshop is the plugin functionality. Is there any information when we can expect plugins to work, at least Nik collection, Topaz and Macphun. For me some of the Topaz plugin works but only once if I try them twice they will crash, also for the NIK some work some do not (and there seems to be a color difference from what I see within the plugin and the result being sent in to AP). I wish for on1 plugins but that may be more difficult if I understand correctly, but on a positive note the claim on their blog the they do not work with AP at the moment - maybe that will change. Bottom line, does anyone now the status of plugin support?
  3. I am also very interested in your DAM solution LilleG. I am currently using LR6 stand alone and am happy with it. But I have heard people saying that there will not be a LR7 only CC. Since I am not so much interested in CC (since I am mostly paying for development I do not need and I cannot skip a version or two until something I do want shows up) I am looking into alternatives. Of course I just upgraded to LR6 and this will work just fine for a long time, but I am interested in future alternatives..
  4. Jmac, yes to some extent it is convenience. My workflow goes like this: LR (raw conversion, keywords, catalogue) -> Photoshop (for cloning and other types of layered work)- >On1 plugins for adding stylization ->save back to Photoshop (perhaps mask the work done in on1)-> save in photoshop will put the finished photo back into LR and its management system. I would love to replace Photoshop with Affinity Photo and all works just fine except that I cannot access the on1 plugins. Of course I could export a tif from Affinity and open On1 as standalone and do my work and then again save it from there and turn back to Lightroom and import the final photo and then group it with the original raw file. But this is very inefficient and inconvenient. As for other plugins I use the Nik collection and some from Topaz they kind of work in my workflow (there is still some issues, for example some of Nik works others don not and the same for Topaz but as i understand Affinity is working to solve this with a future update). I been told that the problem is that unlike the other plugins On1 suite works via Photoshops "automate function" and not as a filter as Topaz and Nik. I do not know what this means (I only use software :-)) Anyways I still hope there is a way to make on1 and Affinity Photo to play nice.
  5. I thought I pasted the link to the On1 blog. Sorry about that... Anyway here it is: http://www.on1.com/blog/
  6. I just noted that on the on1 blog ( mention Affinity Photo and that it is not compatible (yet). Apparently many people have contacted them about this (inluding me). Those interested in On1 making their plugins work with AP should maybe head over and leave a comment in support of this.
  7. That is strange. I did not buy NIk collection again and most but not all plugins work. Vivez and one other I forgot but do not use often do not work. Thankfully, Color & Silver Efex work fine for me.
  8. I dowloaded and started to incorporate Affinity Photo into my workflow. I must say I am very impressed by this software and fully expect to use it instead of Photoshop (Adobe CC goodbye :-)). Having using the full version for a few days (but the beta before) I have found two things I use in photoshop missing (or I failed to find the function in AP). 1. Shake reduction filter. Does not do well on most images but in some cases it can be a savior. I would love this in AP. 2. Radial blur filter using the zoom method. This is a very useful filter when trying ti create (or improve) light rays (e.g. God rays from clouds) But so far this is the only thing I found missing (or haven't found) in AP. Now I only wish for an Affinity Lightroom replacement! :-) Thanks for a great software!!
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