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  1. HI Everyone Well, the saga appears to have ended (though my fingers are fairly tightly crossed) Analog..., Color..., and Silver Efex Pro appear to be working. It's been a long journey, but thanks for there help to someone whose expertise with computers is somewhat limited. Maybe there is an argument for Affinity to liaise with Google/Nik Software to see is there isn't some really simple way for dumbos like me to easily add the plug-ins to what looks like a very good program. Regarding Asha and the hard reboot - thanks for the suggestion, but I would only do this as a very last resort. Thanks to everyone for your patience. Best RD RD
  2. Hi Stefano Thanks for your suggestion. As you will probably have seen there has been a long conversation about this! After the first screen shot of the Affinity prefs, I got rid of them, and as you will see I have tried to reload them as per the other suggestions made. The fundamental problem remains that although I can call up the loaded plug ins from the 'filter' drop down menu on the Affinity page and then alter the image to what I want, when I click on the button to go back to Affinity, the modified image I have produced doesn't follow me there. All I see is the unaltered image I started with. Hence my frustration! When I got the Nik plug ins, I started by installing them in Aperture, as this was the image editing software I was using at the time. A little later, I got Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 - PSE13 (on a CD-Rom) and added the Nik plug ins to that. They worked OK in both Aperture and PSE13 (though a little slow in the latter). Earlier I wondered whether I should uninstall PSE 13 and NIK plug ins, and then re-install them. Might that be a solution?
  3. HI I have had a go at installing the Nik Software per MEB's last post. i also wondered whether the probs had arisen because (I didn't realise it at the time) I had checked the English (US etc) bit of the installation screen rather then English (UK). I still have no luck in getting from what i do via Nik in B+W and an image on the Affinity screen afterwards. It's all a mystery!
  4. I bought Elements 13 as a CD in a box from Amazon UK. There seem to have been no probs with the Nik plug ins there (though it is a little slow). I suppose I could uninstall it, and then re-install it, and then ad the plug ins as a possible approach to make sure that it was put in correctly? RD
  5. Here's the screen shot from pre message
  6. Hi Thanks for you help with this, but it doesn't seem to do the job! I have done what you suggest and have gone to my Hard disk and found the folder labelled 'Google' relating to plug ins with Adobe Photoshop 13. I have put it on the preferences panel of Affinity, clicked the other buttons, and restarted, and guess what? I am no nearer getting these plug ins to work with Affinity. I did a trial and put one of my color shots on Affinity, and opened the plug in and fiddled with it. When the time came to put it back to Affinity, i clicked the bottom RH button, and it was the same color image. So what do I do? I am getting some what fed up with this as I am sure you will understand! Here is a screen shot of the Pref panel.
  7. To RC-R Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate the complexities of the situation, but for someone like me who just wants to use the plug-ins, the ins and the outs and the whys and wherefores are of little interest. I want to have something which I can use from 'opening the box' rather than something where I have to fiddle around with folders for this and that as seems to be the case here. The great point about adding the Nik Software to Aperture (which, as far as I was concerned was the best photo-processing software for me) was that I could use it straight away.
  8. Thanks. I am not sure how I do what you suggest in ' Point the Plug-in Search Folders path to the Adobe Photoshop plug-ins folder'. What is the 'Plug-in Search Folders path to the Adobe Photoshop plug-ins folder' and where do I find it? I suppose it is in the Affinity Preferences page, but I can't see anything explicit about it there. Best wishes RD
  9. Thanks. I'll have a crack at this tomorrow, and report back. RD
  10. Screen shot of the prefs screen attached. I am grateful to you for all the help. Best wishes RD
  11. Correct image now sent 5329.jpg
  12. Sorry i sent the wrong picture, but the processing of the one I sent in error and the one I should have sent, was the same using Aperture at the start. You said "The document has only one layer R C-R. See the image 3 screenshot." I am not well up on the technicalities - all I really want to do is to be able to process the images and to know that at the end of the process be able to save the 'new' image in the form that I have created with the plug in. As it is I have steered well clear of layers. One of the great things about the Nik plug ins with Aperture was that I didn't need to worry about layers. More generally, from my experience of Affinity, there does need to be some more serious work given to the operation of plug ins, so that idiots like me can use Affinity without any hassle.
  13. Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
  14. Thanks for your reply. The plug in is launched from within Affinity. I use the drop down filter menu, and then go to the Nik plug in I want to use - Silver Efex as I mostly want to convert color to B+W. I have tried it with several different images - they are all .jpg files as I drag them off the screen. When I have dragged them off the screen and processed them 'in the usual way' with Affinity and no plug in, there's been no problem and the image at the end is exactly what I want. I attach screen shots 1. the starting point - unmodified image on Affinity. file:///Users/richarddargan/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-28%20at%2011.30.00.png 2. the Silver Efex window file:///Users/richarddargan/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-28%20at%2011.30.58.png 3. the end point - the Affinity window after I have clicked OK on the Silver Efex window. file:///Users/richarddargan/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202016-07-28%20at%2011.31.18.png I hope this is OK, because I have not been able to give you the images, but their URLs. Best wishes Richard D
  15. Thanks, but I have done what you suggest already. To re-iterate, I have pressed OK on the Nik screen as I always do when I am using Silver Efex Pro and the other Nik programs as plug-ins with Aperture and Photoshop. With them, i find that I end up with an image on them that i have got by using the Nik software. Here I do not, but get the color image that I started with. So how do I get what i should be getting? Any suggestions?