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Found 209 results

  1. I noticed when resizing an artboard that guides don't stay in position. Occurs with files that have existing guides as well as with setting new guides. Affinity guides bug.mp4
  2. It would be handy to be able to just double click a guide and be taken to the Guides Manager with the position field for that guide already having the focus. Alternatively, the ability to select guides and edit their position in the Transform panel could also address that workflow and would at the same time open up the possibility to use the Translation part of Power Duplicate to create guides.
  3. I only seem to be able to pull a guide while I am using the move tool. Shouldn't you be able to do that no matter what tool you are using?
  4. Hi, There's something odd going on w. the 1.6 beta 1 Mac AD. Trying to delete guides from the manager is erratic. If the guide entry is highlighted, the trash icon does not always become activated. If a new guide is added, then sometimes it, and the others already in the column can be deleted. Other times, only it can be deleted. If a guides position is edited, it can be deleted, and in a couple of cases, a corresponding guide in the other column also becomes a deletion candidate. The only thing that always works is deleting all guides. Nothing crucial, but obviously not right.
  5. I am looking for a way to create a template layer, or convert objects to guides in designer. Essentially, I need to create some guide marks that I don't want exported or printed. I have been searching and haven't found that feature. I may have just missed it. thanks.
  6. This screenshot from the Autodesk Sketchbook iOS page outlines nicely what I'm talking about. Symmetry has already been requested numerous times. This is more about the foundation before it becomes symmetry. Have an option allowing us to define out own symmetry tools (click line, define what it should do) Tie it on top of the coming replicator system (blends, particles)This would allow us to clone and array (radial, grid, etc) the centres of symmetry as an object to create clock faces like the example with two stokes. Car tires with a few more strokes, and so on.
  7. Hey AD pals, help here would be greatly appreciated. I have a logo design done on my MacBook with AffinityDesigner 1.5.4 and have it set up as a document on an artboard with both vertical and horizontal Cut and Bleed lines visible on the document in all 3 Personas. The Cut and Bleed lines were done 'by the book' using the menu item 'Guides Manager' and the file has been named and saved. My problem/question: I need to export this artboard showing the Cut and Bleed lines to the sticker printer however when I go into export mode and export it (so far have done .pdf, .jpeg, and .eps), the file described above exports successfully but WITHOUT the Cut and Bleed lines being visible in the exported file. Please advise on where I'm going wrong and/or what step I am missing. Thank you! -Christo
  8. Hello everyone, I suggest creating guides that can have a variable angle. Is very useful for making technical design. regards, Jan-Willem
  9. This thread is not about object boundaries. How I can turn on snapping to paths to snap guide for this square-like thingy right there?
  10. Guides can be dragged by Move Tool, but not by Node Tool. This seems counter-intuitive and inconvenient to me. Also, this limitation is unique to AD. Is it possible to make Node Tool drag the guides too, please?
  11. Hello, I'm sure this isn't a popular request but I would like to be able to export the designs with the guides visible, or some way to convert them to paths. This would be really useful when speccing designs to developers showing the padding/margins around objects and so on. Thanks.
  12. ​Firstly congratulations on both Affinity Designer and Photo. I love what Serif is achieving here which is why I bought them both. I started using Designer for a project (instead of Corel Draw) and enjoyed using it. However I found using the Guides awkward and unfriendly. Clicking on a guide to select it should change its color immediately, a numerical readout should be available on screen (this happens only when it's moved), also with the "Guides Manager" open onscreen, clicking on a Guide does not highlight it in the Manager. With many guides in a project this is most annoying and needs some loving attention. Thank you. ​ ​
  13. Hi Just downloaded a trial version of Affinity Photo. Mainly interested in editing equirectangular images for 360 VR work. I was wondering if there is a way to precisely place guides while in the equirectangular projection mode? I need to remove the tripod and place a logo at the nadir. Only just downloaded so have only used for about 15 minutes and appears to be a very easy to use program, similar to photoshop but with a great 360 editing feature and so fast. Steve
  14. [AD] Could you program the Guides Manager window so that it can be made part of a sidebar left or right, and not floating window only? For example next to Transform, History, Navigator, Snapshots tabs. Thanks. WBR T.
  15. Issue: When creating new guides by pulling them down from the ruler, the guides are only as wide or tall as the document. They do not extend to the rulers. If you release the mouse and then move the guide again, the guide then is visible across the entire workspace into the rulers. Impact: Minor annoyance, but it is a pain to have to stop and restart moving the guides into place. Repeatable: Yes Please let me know if you need more info.
  16. I set ctrl+alt+shift+~ as guides quickpass lot of artboards select one artboard In guides panel,the number was shown as relative coordinate but edit in absolute coordinate. How can I caculate them every time adding gaps and other artboards weith or height though I'm Chinese guy. Make them relative coordinate PLEASE!!!
  17. When I resize an artboard the guides will move from their original place while the objects stay put, this is really counter intuitive and even inconsistent within Affinity since this behaviour does not happen with canvas. A resized canvas always keeps the guides in the same place. Thanks!
  18. When I resize an artboard the guides will move from their original place while the objects stay put, the guides seem to be hard-anchored to the origin point of the artboard? Thanks!
  19. In a document with multiple artboards the Guides Manager places guides erratically. It's rather hard to describe, but it's really easy to reproduce: 1. Create multiple artboards inside any file, preferably with 2. Open the Guides Manager and try to add vertical and horizontal guides 3. Modify their position using numeric values (for example, 20mm, 50mm, 85mm) 4. Instead of accepting the values Affinity will override the value with random (?) negative values such as -322,2 mm 5. This only happens in one of the axis while the other works fine, which axis misbehaves seems to be related to the position of the artboard on screen Strangely guides placed by dragging from the rulers work fine. Until you try to edit their values that is... Everything seems to work fine in documents without artboards. Thanks!
  20. Hi, I am a Graphic Designer with 25 years of experience. yes, I started with Mac Paint...I'm that old! but as other colleagues did, I am saying good bye to Adobe for ever. I hate Subscription plans and also I like the idea that I own my software too. Saying that I am happy that Affinity Designer and Photo are here. I'm very impressed. Even my clients that are very 'photoshop only files please' paranoid never knew that I've been sending them Affinity psd converted files instead so, that's is a plus in my book. Please bared with me in this one, I'm learning all the features step by step, little by little with these apps. This question I will ask is embarrassing for me because of the simplicity that may be doing it. How I get the guide lines that help me center an image or layers inside a working document? Pixelmator have this in the view tool bar but I can't find it in Affinity Photo. I thought it was the snapping tool but it doesn't work as in Photoshop or Pixelmator! (and AP is way more professional than Pixelmator IMHO). Here's a picture attached to let you know what I'm talking about. Thanks in advance.
  21. I was using the beta and was pretty happy until I started looking for frequently used features from Photoshop at work and GIMP at home. Here's stuff that's missing that would help with productivty: Precision guide-making. You have a "manager" that doesn't let you manage much. It'd be nice to be able to edit the exact position of those guides (Let's say I want to quickly set up guides at 25/50/75% in percent mode or just set specific pixel values to each). Even GIMP's got this! "Pattern" layer style is also quite handy for the same reason as the "Fill" layer. [Edit] Solved or has a workaround: Move selected option for the mouse cursor. It'd be nice to be able to tap a layer and then drag an object around without having stuff that's in the way get selected. PLEASE add the option. Ability to duplicate layers between open files (and in the same position if equal size). Ability to create new alpha channels. It's handy for selections or when 3D texturing to be able to use even the A in RGBA images (or in some special cases, remove one of the channels). "Solid color" layer style like in PS (easier to edit than filling a raster layer with color, plus you needn't worry about resizing). Hopefully none of these are repeats since I didn't see them on the list. Thanks for listening!
  22. Ability to generate columns As a web designer, I need to set up grids really fast. Photoshop for instance adapted these guys' method - http://guideguide.me/- and even-though they haven't got it right yet, I still use it a lot. Ability to generate a Baseline As for baseline grids ( http://blog.invisionapp.com/design-snack-7-baseline-grids-in-web-ui-design/), I currently maken patterns in photoshop s described in this article. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/11/establishing-your-grid-in-photoshop/. Generating this overlay and enabling snapping to the baseline like in indesign would be something unprecedented ( well maybe aside from a sketch plugin or two ) Generate the baseline and text styles with a modular scale http://www.modularscale.com/ seeing as the baseline is usually generated together with the text. A combination of these two doesn't seem so crazy i'd reckon. On a sidenote When watching the video ( https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ui-design-software/ ) about the UI capabilities of this software I find the part about the guides a bit misleading in all honesty. Look at this beautiful grid, creating it however is a bit of hassle, but you can toggle the visibility... Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the product you are supplying, especially at this price, but this feels a tad like false advertisement.
  23. if you draw some elements, add some guides, and then create an artboard, the guides shift massively. You can reproduce in the attached afdesign file. Here's what it looks like before creating an artboard: And here's what it looks like after creating an artboard around the left, yellow square: Notice how the guides are now nowhere near where they used to be :unsure: FYI I discovered this bug as there is (annoyingly) no way to crop bitmaps, so I planned to create artboards for each of the screenshots I took. artboard-guide-bug.afdesign
  24. When using the move tool with the keyboard arrows to reposition objects precisely there are all sorts of measurements and guides that pop up. I can see the obvious advantage of this for designers when working very precisely with neat geometrical shapes but when working freehand, as I do, in pure photo compositing, I find that these can get severely in the way. If you have several small overlapping objects they all start showing measurements relative to one another at once and start to obscure the image itself. The information overkill can really get in the way of simply being able to see what you are doing! Is there a way of turning this off when not needed?
  25. Hello, Is there a way to lock guides in AD and to remove a guide, without going to Guides Manager?
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