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    Brush resizing shortcut

    Just my two cents, but I found it more comfortable to change the scroll wheel to zooming (Preference->Tools->Use mouse wheel when zooming), and just always use space+LMB to pan. That way I don't have to rely on the interactive zoom tool. I can see why that wouldn't work though if you need very accurate zooming, but just in general workflow.
  2. Coming from Photoshop, I'm used to being able to create guides as I need them by clicking and dragging from the rulers onto the canvas, regardless of what tool I have selected at the time: Creating guides while using the pen tool is quite useful. Trying to learn Affinity Designer now, I've noticed that this is not always possible; Creating guides by dragging from the rulers is only possible when using the move tool: This means that it is not possible to place guides to help you align nodes while in the middle of drawing a shape with the pen tool. You have to switch back to the move tool instead. Since, as far as I can tell, there would be no contention with other UI interactions (dragging from the rulers to the canvas when not using the move tool never seems to do anything), I feel that the same behavior observed in Photoshop should be implemented in Affinity Designer. It would really help streamline things for designers that use guides as part of their workflow.