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  1. Hi all, I'm considering buying Designer but one thing that I can't find is if there is a way to fill an object using vector or patterns. I only find gradients and bitmap. I know we can duplicate an object to create hand made pattern but I can't then edit the repetitions like if is a bitmap fill. Cheers, Juan
  2. Dear Affinity Team, As the title reads: Affinity Designer keeps crashing randomly with only Discord running in the background and nothing else. I create a document, insert a sketch and then begin to outline using shapes and the Pen tool; as I progress throughout building the sketch into vector outlines the application crashes without warning. The file has two images of the sketches and few vector outlines plus any guidelines I've placed. The Artboard size is 2560 x 720 and I've reset all settings by opening the app using CNTRL click and selecting all and resetting. This has been happen
  3. I'm loving this program! However, I am creating patterns that are too large for one page and I only have a printer that goes to legal size paper. I'm hoping there is a way to have designer print across multiple pages. Then, I will line up the pages using a light box, tape them together and proceed. I have searched forums and help to no avail. Perhaps I just don't know the right terms to search for. Any help appreciated.
  4. OK, I'm very aware that maybe most of the designers and users of the awesome Affinity Designer are not into scientific posters, books or documents, but I'm a mathematician and I love the app myself, as much as I understand and use it. :) Hence, I got a small, but important feature request: a plugin/native support which would allow one to use the power of "local" LaTeX typesetting for symbols, fonts and other scientific notations. I am aware I could use the great LaTeXiT + drag & drop, but still, I envision my workflow as follows: When I have a complicated figure to draw, I fire
  5. I'm working on web design a lot and I love Affinity Designer. This week I had to create an icon (favicon to be precise), which I obviously designed in Designer. So far so good, but there seem to be no way of exporting an image as *.ico. Are there any plans for adding support for ico files?
  6. Is there a reason that this happens at the end of a stroke when using the (Vector) Pencil Tool with tablet pressure in Designer? I often use the Pencil Tool because it's fully vector and super straight forward - no textures, clean look, and always has the option to expand strokes. But I've been noticing these weird ends where they should just be a round edge like the examples I made using the Pen Tool with pressure profiles (on the right). When I expand the strokes made with the Pencil Tool those weird edges actually expand too, leaving me with a bunch of messy stroke ends that are bak
  7. I'm a bit rusty with any design app, and I've never gotten completely up to speed with Designer. I'm trying to do something which I think is fairly simple, but I don't seem to be able to get it right. Simply, I have two shapes, and I want one to cut out of the other. Right now I have a group of shapes and I put it on top of the shape I want it to cut from, and I say to mask below, and it makes the bottom shape into the shape of the group above. What I want is in fact the bottom shape minus the group above (so it is transparent where the group was). How do I do this? Thank you.
  8. Howdy friends! I was building a few vector shapes for a design and playing with the Geometry options to "knock out" overlapping parts of the shapes, etc. At some point I inadvertently hit the "XOR" function in the Geometry toolbar, and … well, it brought up a slowly pulsating "Xor" progress bar on top of the window. There's no option to cancel or dismiss it; I can't edit or do anything with the document while it's there; and I've tried Escape, Return, control-C, command-C, option-C, and a bunch of other keystrokes to try to kill the process. It's been running for several minutes now … I s
  9. Hello, my name is Sascha. My company has over 20 licenses from Affinity Designer. We have create a deployment over the Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM), and installed it on a few devices. Now i got a questions about assets. I can import assets at every device manually, but how i can deploy ? I do not found a folder where the assets are saved. Do you have a instruction for me? We use Microsoft Windows 10 Workstation. greetings Sascha Thomas
  10. In Drawplus X8 EPS exports, users have the option to have a TIFF preview embedded in the exported file, and this allows viewers such as FastStone Image Viewer, and ACDSee to display a proper thumbnail and also a full size view of the image. I haven't been able to find that option, or its equivalent in Designer. Is there something I am missing?
  11. Hello, I have a graphic with about 30,000 anchor points. But maybe only 100 would be necessary. How can you simplify the graphic? I mean in some programs there is an extra tool "simplify" or something like that ... Unfortunately I don't find anything at Affinity Designer. If there is one, where could I find it? Thanks a lot Mischugo
  12. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but in my document if I right click a non-global swatch I can't select "Make Global" and for the life of me I can't work out why. I have some spot colours in my document already and wanted to make some other colours global so they could be easily changed across the design but to no avail. I can workaround it by writing down the colour values, then clicking the small icon in the top right of the swatches pallette and selecting "Add Global Colour" but this is time consuming and somewhat annoying when there's a context menu option staring at me! It's possi
  13. Hello, I am thinking on making a game in a pixel art style, could anyone help me with what I am doing, I searched in the program and the web on way to do this but I found nothing
  14. Hello I'm new here and unfamiliar with marketing practices of serif.com. I noticed Affinity Designer is at v1.6 and often I've noticed software tends to end major version lifetimes before actually reaching v1.9.9 sub-versions. With that in mind, will existing users get Affinity Designer v2 for free or will they need to re-purchase access for it? In either case, does anybody know how long it may be until v2 is released and should I simply wait until then before buying? I didn't see any announcements about v2, but I may not be looking in the right places.
  15. Hi So I've watched a few YouTube videos and have a pretty good idea how symbols work, but they're working in a different way than I need. Is what I'm trying to achieve possible? If so, how am I using Symbols incorrectly? What I'm trying to do: I have created a 'standard' button, to be used throughout the web app I'm designing, but also a smaller one for a mobile web app version. In both cases it's a rounded rect, with a text on top, which has a pre-defined Text Style. My issue is that I want to be able to change the look of all the buttons in one go i.e. size, sh
  16. Why do .afpub files sometimes show with the Publisher red and orange icon, and sometimes with the Designer blue icon. When it does occur, the icons seem to change back to the correct ones after a reboot. I haven't yet found a recipe that consistently produces this yet, but wondered if anyone else is experiencing it.
  17. Win 7, Designer It seems the bounding box changes depending on whether two objects are grouped or not. I haven't tested with Publisher or Photo.
  18. Great googly-woogly! Yes, ’tis moi and, as Popeye would phrase it, ‘I yam back ay-gain!’ with another exciting round of ‘Wha … !?’ Today’s Episode deals with the vagaries of Multiple Strokes (thankfully this is the artistic, not the medical, kind of stroke we’re dealing with.) In past, it has been possible to use the Appearance panel and the ‘Add Stroke’ operation to create multiple instances of strokes. Since installing 1.9.3, that has not been possible. No, I'm not dissing the latest version, merely pointing out a tiny glitch that (hopefully) is able to be resolved. I have attempt
  19. I have a template that now has ~ 100 layers that consist of an image and a text title and a color background on the title. Of course now I want to refresh and change the background color on the title on all the layers. I probably have to re-work my template but I know there must be a better way to do this without manually selecting the background color on each layer and then manually changing it? Any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated! Thanks
  20. Good morning everybody, I am finding another thing that seems to be missing from Designer which I use an awful lot in CorelDRAW and which is kind worrying to me unless maybe I'm missing something. In Corel I have a blend tool. I believe Illustrator has the same thing though I don't use Illustrator. It allows me to create two objects and blend them together. This is particularly useful for creating interesting drop shadows and so on. Is there really no way to do this in Designer? I'm attaching a screenshot to show you what I mean. Corel allows me to choose which aspects of each object inte
  21. Hallo, um Autoren einen Anhalt zu geben, ist es notwendig, ihnen die Textlängen vorzugeben. In APu habe ich keine Möglichkeit gefunden, diese beispielsweise aus dem Fülltext abzuleiten. Habe ich diese Funktion übersehen? Oder ist daran gedacht, diese Funktion zu implementieren?
  22. Hi all, Recently purchased a keyboard and mouse to use along with my iPad Pro, as I thought I would be able to use Affinity Designer more intuitively. Only to find that the program is missing some very basic keyboard shortcuts. Some examples of the shortcuts in question are: Artboard panning (Spacebar + Drag), along with CMD button and (-)/(+) for zooming in and out. I really wanted to be able to invest more time into Affinity on the iPad, but feel like I can't with it lacking such basic shortcuts. Does anyone know if these are going to be added at some point (hopefu
  23. Hi! I am new to Affinity Designer and already have searched the internet to find an answer. The Info I found is that the measurement tool was planned years ago, but nothing to measurements in the newest release. Is there any way to measure the length of a (curved) line in the newest version? I am interested in an exact measurement in physical units (mm). Thanks!
  24. I was wondering if it was possible to warp text in Designer. I attached an image with what I am trying to accomplish.
  25. Affinity designer version: 1.9.2 OSX version: 10.15.7 (Catalina) Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a document with some bottom bleed 2. Draw a shape that draws both inside the document and inside the bleed 3. Switch to Export Persona, create slice for shape, and enable "include bleed" checkbox in PNG format 4. Export slice Expected: The full shape is exported as a PNG without margins ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Actual: The full shape is exported with the bottom bleed
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