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Found 171 results

  1. Hi, i am wondering if there's a way to search in all assets collection instead of switching from one collection to the other? Note : By the way i've notice a bug when search is active, switching to another assets collection often make AD to crash. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, first time for me to contribute to this wonderful community, i just wanted to share my iOS / OSX app icon set, since the ones i found didn't cover every resolution needed. With this template, you just have to put your icon in every workspace and then export everything, the @*x are already set so you have them all ! you can see the results in the screenshots. Have fun guys ! icon template.afdesign
  3. Currently it is a pain to delete assets, I accidentally imported an SVG layers and it has 100+ layers, I have to manually delete each in the Assets and delete. To top it all the dialog box for Delete have no shortcut for Yes or No, I have to make sure I click Yes Maybe in the future, it would be nice to be able to select multiple Assets and hit delete all at once. Also, do you think it would be a good idea to be able to import an image assets directly without opening an image first and add? Another one, ability to rename an asset by just clicking on the name or double click, currently it is in context menu (right-click menu) Thanks!
  4. I read the Affinity Designer help pages for Using assets & Assets panel but could not find anything about that. Choosing that option on a new AD document, with or without an existing layer did not seem to do anything.
  5. Hello. I can't create assets. Version for windows Thanks.
  6. I found another bug, very amusing. This one occurs when a layer is a symbol, it is inserted in more than one artboard, and you drag an asset onto it. To recreate, open the example file and do the following: In Artboard1, select Layer1 which is a symbol; Drag an asset onto it. This will create dozens of copies of the asset on the other artboard, as if it were a brush. So AD has vector brushes after all ;) Confirmed at least in and beta Layers symbols bug.afdesign
  7. I've had a look and couldn't find this anywhere, so apologies if this is a duplicate post but I notice that you have default iOS assets in Affinity Designer, but I couldn't find any Android ones. I've looked high and low and can't find anything similar on the web (can anyone point me to any?) so it'd be really good to have these in there. I'm sure I can't be the only person trying to design for Android and facing the situation of having to do everything from scratch! Thank you! M
  8. If I have symbols added to the symbols palette, I can not move these to the assets palette to better organize them. I feel this is redundant to have the symbols palette if It can not be organized in Assets. Maybe mixing the assets palette and the symbols palette would be more efficient. That way your symbols are kept organized and there is no need to duplicate effort, create a symbol and then drag it again in your assets palette. I feel a big miss. Efficiency is what we are after. no?
  9. Assets are a nice way to organize your massive library of components which are usually saved in folders and hard to find when you need them. The problem what I have with assets is the import possibility. For example if I would like to import an icon library of let say 100 icons which I downloaded as SVG or EPS files then it is not possible to drag them all onto the artboard and import them into the assets panel. The only option I found was to double click each and every icon (in some cases group the layers and give them the icon name) and then import one by one. As all of you can imagine, that method takes me ages to import a bigger library of graphic assets. Is there some workaround or did I understand something wrong? Thanks for any feedback! PS: Photoshop files work fine. Just open the document, select all elements you wish to import and done.
  10. After the new update today with Affinity Designer 1.5.3 i no longer can access my self made assets for UI design. ​The program crashes each time i try to access it. Any way to maybe delete this? did not have so much there, but still sucks :(
  11. My team and I have changed from Illustrator to AD and have begun to import all of our assets. Is there any chance that we can expect updates on assets any time soon? We are going to export the asset file every time we make changes, but when we import it this will become it's own category of assets. I would love to have the option to replace the category if it has the same name. Would also love to be able to change an assets, as I understand it now we would need to delete it from the panel and then create a new one.
  12. Hello, would be great to change the background color of the Panel of the Assets Library. Would be very useful once you have a lot of Icons in the Assets Library See attachment- THX Nod
  13. I have started to migrate all my projects from Illustrator to Affinity Designer and was very happy when I found the assets panel. unfortunatly there seems to be some issues with the color management. Not on the actual assets, but in the panel. Some of the assets have changed color since I added them (yesterday afternoon), but when I drag them into a document they have the right color. Is this a setting somewhere or is it a bug? Attached is a screen shot of my assets, they should all have a dark grey color, but many of them have a greenish tone now..
  14. After accidentally discovering the assets (hello there, left side studio menu!) I've started integrating it into my workflow. I like too that I can define symbols and define them as assets, and the symbol is imported into the document when I add the asset to the canvas. It means I can have a lot of control over what assets are symbols and make any consistent changes across all the symbols within that design file. Now that I've been using the asset functionality creating categories, subcategories and adding the assets themselves, I have a few suggestions for extra functionality/improvement: Visually mark in collection if asset is a symbol Ability to turn asset in collection into a symbol (in right-mouse click asset item context menu; maybe ability to detach as well is good) Update asset in collection with selected object on canvas (in right-mouse click asset item context menu). It's a pain having to delete the asset, then re-add the asset if I've made any minor changes I found there were times I was trying to drag the object's layer into the asset collection and it wouldn't work — I had to drag the object on the canvas itself into the asset collection I also had another idea for symbols to support variations on properties/nested objects. I'd like to have a button design which I can have as a symbol, but can change the text of the button to something else that is not carried across all other symbols. Maybe that could be another button option in the symbol menu that I can select the object I want to be variable and mark it within the symbol?
  15. Here are some arrow assets for AD to share, you can color those (or apply a gradient) of course differently to your likings. - [Note: that those who show up two colored (b&w) in the palette, are mostly grouped together shapes and that you may have to ungroup those in order to alter their default assigned B&W colors.] The compressed assets file ... var_bw_arrows.zip
  16. In this simple example attached, I have pulled an asset into my artboard and made a rotation. Even with a circular asset the rotation no longer accurately shows the dimensions. I found work around by un-grouping and re-grouping the objects, but I don't feel like this complements the workflow.
  17. Hello Guys, Well i have been using AD for my UI design projects and i am enjoying it so far. Some of you guys may know that there are multiple devices with multiple screen sizes. Multiple resolutions which doesn't scale up or down proportionally due to difference in aspect ratio. So how do you guys start the design? 1. Do you create an artboard with smallest version then scale up or other way around? 2. How do you export the assets with AD? (By export i meant efficient way to export multiple size) 3. How do you deal with different aspect ratio? I know that AD has good export tools where i can choose 1x, 2x for export but the aspect ratio for all screens are not same. I started a design for Iphone 5 retina display. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9. So i can use 1x, 2x asset features to scale up or down. 4. But what about android with ratio 16:10 for some device? My strategy was to design for different ratio, starting with smallest device then scale up asset during export. 5. Is this an efficient way or do you have better way? Note this question is not directly related to AD but the question general. But as i am using AD export feature so i am asking here to know if there is some efficient way that i didn't figure out.
  18. Hello, Bug: Moving the assets sub-categories up/down is extremely slow, not sure what structure you are using to store your assets, but it looks like you are acting on every object inside the struct to be that slow... Feature request: Since up/down are very slow, maybe add a to top / bottom options so at least it is usable in a short amount of time. Best regards
  19. G'dfay from Australia. A few hours ago I downloaded Affinity Designer for Windows. I have Windows 10. For the life of me I am unable to create an asset by dragging a graphic across to the assets section. When I try to do this the graphic gets dragged behind the assets column, If I keep dragging the display where I am drawing moves to the right. I can however create the asset by going to the assets drop down menu and clicking on 'Add from Selection.' This is driving me bonkers, as I am sure I have lost the plot, and it is easy to do, but I can't work out how. I hope there is some kind soul out there who can help me resolve my problem. Thank you. Paul.
  20. As the title says, the assets panel is occasionally causing AD to crash; and on reopening the entire workspace has been reset to factory. It's annoying to say the least. Speaking of – I can't seem to find any way to back up my workspace?
  21. Hello there! I wanted to share with you all, nice people, our latest FREE FrankenPack. Scifi Starter Pack: 38 tools for Concept Art creation in Affinity Designer! This pack will help you to speed up your creative process by giving you the right tools to brainstorm quick ideas for creatures, characters, weapons and everything you can imagine in just minutes! Here's a demo video of this pack in action. :) You can download this holiday gift HERE
  22. Hi guys, I try to make floor plans with affinity designer. I used to draw the floor plans with Illustrator/Photoshop (see the pictures). But now I am proud that I switched from Adobe to Affinity! Are there somewhere any Assets for download? (Each element separately, in an Assets library: chairs, beds, tables, shower…) It would be great if someone could share something with us. Thank you.
  23. Hi all, Not sure if this is a small bug or if it's intended. When in the assets tab on AD, if the tab is completely empty (no categories at all) the Import Assets option in the dropdown can't be selected. However, if there is at least one category, even if it is empty, the Import Assets option is selectable, and will import the assets into its own brand new category. Haven't checked to see if it is the same for the macOS version though. AD version:
  24. Hi, in our company, we are two designers and use both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I have created a couple of palettes and assets and I want to share and synchronize them between all four applications. I know it's possible to export a file and import it in another app. But if I add something to my assets or palettes, it would be nice to automatically update them in other apps as well :) Thanks.
  25. I've been trying out the new version today having given up previously because of poor export options, I see they've been greatly improved! I would like to use the right workflow for exporting for Android assets. I saw that you can choose lots of options to get for example an .imageset folder for Xcode and this is really great. Android assets are split into sub folders though and there are often 4 or more to create at odd scale factors. What is the best way to do this so I don't have to set up all these scale factors and name all the separate folders I want to export to every time I create a new asset and slice? I saw you can save presets, but can you add and/or create export packages like the one which creates the .imageset package for iOS? Any help on the correct workflow will be gratefully received.
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