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Found 2,067 results

  1. Hi I've been working long time in learning how to retouch images in ap, here is an external portrait before and after
  2. John Rostron

    Quantum Leap HDR

    We visited Shrewsbury in mid-September, so the sun was fairly low as well as bright. This meant that there was a strong contrast between the lit areas and shadows. The four images were merged using Affinity's HRD stack, then the final image straightened to set the far roof horizontally. I think that the merge has been very successful apart, perhaps, from my wife, who must have moved slightly between shots. The subject was a sculpture called 'Quantum Leap' which celebrated Shrewsbury's connection with Charles Darwin, who was born there. I have to say that, even when wearing my hat as an evolutionary biologist (retired), I was not too clear as to the connection. The bicycle belonged to another photographer of the sculpture!
  3. What is the best way to dim an image in Affinity Photo or Designer especially for website background so to make a good contrast with the text or font? Should I use designer or photo?
  4. I can't find the way of setting the brush style of a line drawn using the pen too. I can set the stroke color, width, cap, and the pressure.. and I can set the style as 'Solid Line Style' or 'Texture Line Style' -- but there doesn't seem to be a way of choosing which 'texture' is used..? Selecting the drawn path and then choosing a brush doesn't do anything.
  5. there is very usefl function Affinity Photo is missing, and is present in photoshop. When using a tool in clone mode, painting, erasing etc you have to use the bar over the drawing to change the brush/tool size. instead may be very fast and useful to choose the brush dimension with right-click, avoiding to move from the drawing part you're editing. Can it be possible?
  6. This just started happening today. When I open a document, anytime my pointer is resting on the workspace (not on any toolbars) the document starts inching over to the left as if I've selected something and was trying to move it over with the arrow keys. I thought I had hit some odd setting on my mac, but I've googled around and looked through my preferences and I can't find any setting that seems like it would cause this. The only thing I noticed was changing scroll direction in the mouse preferences changes the direction the workspaces starts shifting over to.
  7. If I run a Macro with selection refinement affinity Photo crashes. Attached my Macro. maskemachen.afmacro
  8. I really love this program and so I was trying to dabble in it for the past couple of days. To start off: The Canvas Size: 1080px * 1080px Tablet Used: Wacom Bamboo Operating System: Windows 10 (64 bit) Affinity Photo Version: Immediately, I noticed this weird thing with the brush tool: 1. The brush I selected was a round brush with zero spacing. I noticed there were a couple of strange errors when using the brush tool fast with/without stabilizer: No Stabilizer seems to result in the following jagged lines (Circled below in purple). I am currently using a Wacom tablet and I do not have these issues with any other software. I noticed that drawing faster circles makes these jagged lines appear more frequently as well. I have tried this in multiple zoom settings. I have attached a second image to this post with test drawings (different zoom levels and stabilizer on and off). I also noticed that sometimes the stroke doesn't get detected (for instance when writing the letter 'i' ) 2. Bugs/Issues with the Canvas Zoom: There's a very weird pixelization at certain zoom levels: For comparison, here is zoom 50% and 100 % (Both of these show little to no pixelization) At 50%: Affinity Photo 50% Zoom Level At 100% Affinity Photo 100 % Zoom Level Pixelization/blurriness above 100% is natural. But in between 0-50% and 50%-100% pixelization shouldn't happen: Here's 75%: You'll notice that unlike above, the lines look somewhat zagged at the edges. 75 % Zoom Level Here's 45%: 45 % Zoom Level In these zoom levels, regardless of the size of my brush (ex. 60px vs. 20px), the pixelization exists. In comparison, this pixelization doesn't occur in Photoshop at these low zoom levels: Photoshop Ex 33 % Zoom Level *** I would like to note that when testing these strokes in Affinity Photo, I did not have photoshop or any other application open (in case the stroke issues were caused by the computer being held up) ***
  9. you can see this bug in the video please fix this Ipad 12,9 2 generation ios 11.1.2 4EAA30A3-3EBE-428D-AB0A-64CE58D4D993.MP4
  10. Hi, ich habe mal den getestet wie man den Text Präge Effekt auf Papier simulieren kann. Dafür braucht man im Wesentlichen die Ebenenstile. I testet how to create an embossed text effect on paper. I made this with layer styles. Ciao Jack Link YouTube-Tutorial
  11. Usually.I make my subtitle sequence by Photoshop.Now....I almost give up PS.But now I want to make subtitles.In photoshop. image-variables-define-next-import(text files)-ok,then file-export-data set as files Is there any functions like these in affinity photo or affinity designer?
  12. in the video you can see what bug it is ipad 12,9 2 generation ios 11.1.2 And please add custom font support!!!! 3A03F8B6-97CC-4BE3-863A-CF77D2436BFD.MP4
  13. Summary: The image is 4988 x 2814px, 14.04 MB, 7 layers: 1 background pixel layer, 5 masked curve adjustment layers, 1 B&W layer in RGBA/32 (HDR), ProPhoto RGB (Linear). Using Document, Color Format to convert this image in 32-bits to 16-bits RGBA/16 - ProPhotoRGB takes over 8 minutes of processing time on a relatively well-spec'ed machine. Adobe Photoshop CS6 using the same image in 32-bits, similar number of layers and same color space to 16-bits in same color space takes about 5 seconds. Affinity Photo takes an inordinately long time that is not acceptable for the workflow. Details: The machine: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit up-to-date per Windows Update Service Pack 1 Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 32.0 GB RAM Windows Experience Index 7.7 (on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9) Graphics card: GeForce GTX 970 version 385.69 NVIDIA Control Panel reports (see attached PNG) More details on machine in attached PNG. Disk C: is a SSD and has both Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop CS6. The software: Affinity Photo RAM Usage limit 25,599 MB Renderer: Default (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970) Adobe Photoshop CS6 64-bit, using the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970) Using Photo Affinity's Document, Color Format, RGB 16 bit it takes slightly over 8 minutes to have hourglass disappear and the RGBA/16 - ProPhotoRGB to appear. During this time Windows Task Manager reports (see attached PNG's). CPU utilization by Affinity Photo is essentially 100% during this time. Trying 32-bit to 16-bit conversion on the same image in the beta version (Beta) does not result in Task Manager reporting "Affinity Photo (not responding)" but if anything the conversion takes even longer at about 8 minutes 55 seconds. Doing this 32-bit to 16-bit conversion of same image and same color spaces in Photoshop CS6 takes about 5 seconds of processing time. Machine Info 1.pdf
  14. Where is the link on what's new with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo versions
  15. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let people know that I've released an 8.5 hour course about Affinity Photo for the iPad here: https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-for-the-ipad/ - it's aimed at beginners and I've structured the course to take you from novice to competent user. I wanted to hold off starting the course until the software went through a couple of updates and the latest iOS was released so that Serif had the chance to get things ticking over nicely. So here it is, and I hope you get a lot out of it. Thanks for your interest, Simon
  16. Hello, I bought Affinity right from the very first version in order to replace PS. Unfortunately, the software is using the very basics features, I would requiere to work. I am writing "I", but most of the photographers in the city are missing the same. Please consider this topic not as a negativ critic but constructive feedback . Please, if I missed something just spot me my mistake! Tiff. Usually, I do some adjustment in the RAW convertor (CaptureOne, Lightroom..) and then "edit with..". Then, I get a tiff which get opened in Affinity. Then I can do some find work. and "ctrl-s" to save my work. This does not work. Affinity can not save as tiff, only export as. It means -> Affinity can not be integrated in as editor a raw convertor. And is quiet useless.. Shortcuts. Does not work IMO. you do not know what you get when you press a key. Please, implement working shortcuts "à la" PS. Is there any patent on that ??? Any equivalent of PS "Transform" (Perspective, Distort, ...). I tried with the perspective tool, after 10 minutes I gave up. Done in PS in less than 2 mins.. Most of the function in Affinity are 2-3 slower as in PS CS6. Line selection tool equivalent ??q Level tool: is it possible to switch channel using keyboard ? Is there a clipping functionality like PS (in PS pressing alt). Thanks!
  17. Affinity Photo just prompted me to update to version 1.6.1. Which I did. But where can I find the patch notes for the new version? Not here in the support forum. No link in the 'About' screen of the application. No apparent link on the Affinity website. Nothing in the application's Help file. Nothing in the application's Welcome screen. Congrats, I'm stumped.
  18. I've noticed that if I have opened, in Affinity Photo, a photo that resides in Apple Photos, using the "Edit In Affinity Photo" extension, I am not able to open a second photo in AP, as another document ,while the first file remains open. Is this a limitation of the interaction between Apple Photos and Affinity Photo, namely that only one photo at a same can be worked on through this Edit extension? I know I could probably place another file into my first file, but that's not what I want to do here. If this is a limitation, is there another way to access Apple Photos so that more than one photo file can be opened directly in AP without going through Apple Photos? All of the Apple Photos are hidden and not easily accessible in the normal way. Related to this is a bigger question: At the moment, I have over 5000 photos on my computer. Some are Iphoto files from when I used to use IPhoto. Others are Apple Photos. And then there are a lot of images in the picture folder on my Mac that I took with my camera. I'd like to find a way to consolidate all of these photos into one place so that I can tag them all and more easily work with them. I used to use Lightroom, but my copy no longer works with my upgraded OS, and I don't want to subscribe to Lightroom. I'm willing to use another piece of software as a DAM if this would help, but it has to be something that can easily import new Apple photos since more and more I'm using my Iphone to take pictures with instead of my camera. Thanks in advance for any advice and help on these topics.
  19. NG Creative Studio

    Saving, Depth of Field bug and more

    Hey everybody, This is my first post on this forum so hello haha. now for the problem.... When i have a RAW image (it also does it with jpeg btw) that i am editing in Affinity Photo on the iPad Pro (IOS11) and i add the filter “Depth of Field” it works like a charm, but when i click on ✔️ to accept the effect on the layer, it just keeps on loading and loading... I let the loading screen on for 45 min LOL, so i can only say that affinity crashes when using the depth of field blur effect. What i have tried to fix it: - Uninstalled the app en reinstalled it: Nothing changed. - with only one layer (no other editing done): Nothing changed, same problem - Took different pictures to try: Nothing changed. So i come to the conclussion that it really is a bug that needs to be fixed soon. So that was problem 1, then i also have another things: - I am right handed, so when i use my pensil why is the undo button on the left corner? This is really enoying because i always have to get out of the working flow because i have to take away the pensil from the screen to undo. I think it would be wise to have multi touch like: two vingers tab = undo, three vingers tab = redo. - When i am traveling i always have a wireless external harddrive with me but i cannot save anything on there with affinity, opening yes but saving it to my drive no,... WHY?! I tried: WD Wireless Pro, Seagate wireless, Lacie Fuel not one of them worked to save my affinity files on. Yes, i know you can save it to the cloud, but when i am for example in Cuba for a job i don’t have internet.... In my eyes this is really a huge, epic fail and problem with Affinity Photo. This could be the photoshop killer for me but without this saving option it’s just another app and not a professional workspace. Is this changing in the nearby future? Are you guys going to fix this in an upcoming update? I really hope so because i would love to step over to Affinity in my professional work. - The patch tool, works sometimes but sometimes it’s very glitchy. When i select the part i want to change and i drag the pensil to place that i want it to take, it takes most of the time a completely different part on the image... uhhhh haha This makes the patch tool almost unusable and very unrealiable. - Multi-touch with your fingers I already said it somewhere but i think this is really a great and a huge miss. To touch with two finger the screen for let’s say a undo action would change alot for the better, take procreate 4 for example, they killed it with there multitouch and it works like a charm. - Saving options Yes this for me is really the most important part that needs to change and i ask you developers, Fix this please, because without the saving option to a wireless external hardrive, Affinity Photo is just another app and not a professional workspace. So i think this was it, i have to say after all the problems that i named i also need to say that i really love the program and i think that it has great and epic potential. I hope you guys have some answers for me and i think a lot of other people have the same questions and problems. Thank you guys for making this software available to us all, now let make it the best app in the world!! Warm greetings, Glenn
  20. Hello. I find this forum to complicated to use. Why there is not any direct support for macuser as have problem with Affinaty Photo. I se plenty treads abouth iPads. I cant say any thing work as it suppose to do when I try your tutorials. This time I complane about por/wrong resolution on the images/textures I got from internet to be used on my project Cracked Skin Effect tutorial. I am following your tutorial exactly as I suppose to do. I put 2 images Face and cracked image. File-Open but my images dont look like yours. How can I solve that nasty problem. Thanks.
  21. SalfingerAndrew

    iOS feedback

    Hello ^-^ I just wanted to post some things I would like to be added within Affinity Photo for iOS. One of the biggest issues I have with it is file transfer. Only being able to do a single file at a time is a bit slow! so something like in Procreate would be look where you can hold select a file then select files around is to move multiple at a time then move them into the Files app. Or have a system in place where all files are saved to the cloud by default ( can be disable) a icon will be placed on the document to download the file onto said device to work on. Then you can delete it from the device but will still be on the cloud to use on another computer or to re-download on said device at a letter date (tho this might be a bit hard to do) Moving onto folders would love to be able to mass delete files within a folder so when in the folder view you can only delete a folder when all files have been removed to being able to delete a folder with all files within it would be nice. Also full keyboard support for external keyboard use (along with command/alt and control) right now there is support but limited!!! Also would love to have sub folders within a main folder would be nice ^-^ Thank you for your time, will update if I can think of other things to add.
  22. Wetterhoun

    The Willemskade

    I decided to do some nighttime photographing in my hometown with my iPhone7 and my tripod. I used the NightCap Pro app for these shots. The dark exposure (2) was shot at ISO100, f/1.8, 25s to protect the highlights and the bright exposure (1) was shot at ISO1000, f/1.8, 25s. I believe the iPhone 7 can only take long exposures of about 3s, so what this app basically does is stacking several photos for noise reduction and ISO controls the brightness of the photo. Nevertheless I was pretty amazed by what is possible with current smartphone cameras! I blended the dark and the bright exposure in Affinity Photo for iPad to bring some details in the highlights, especially for the windows on the right of the image. Then some color correcting, white balance, etc. and some dodging and burning. I wanted a warm image, because I am thinking of using this photo as a Christmas postcards for my family and friends - so I still need to do some lettering... Anyways, it was fun to do and I learned a lot about Affinity Photo for iPad and my iPhone 7... Best regards, Wetterhoun
  23. Hi there, I used an older version of Affinity Photo two years ago and used the golden spiral function. I just updated to the newest version 1.6.6 and it disappeared. Any help, guys? THX Isil
  24. Hello everybody! First of all excuse me if my english is not very good, I am a not native speaker. The last day I planned to add the Google Nix Collection to my newly adquired Affinity Photo. But now I have a problem with the size of the window. Everything appears very, very small in it (although the window size is quite normal) and is very hard to me to see actons and words, and whatever inside the pannels. Could anybody help me, please? I urgently need to know how to resize that window(s) in order to see it(them) in a normal size! thanks a lot!