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  1. Hey Walt, I guess i wasn't as clear as I could have been. I did what you recommended above with the small to large sized icons above and the preview pane, and to make sure I confirmed the settings. Cheers, Scott
  2. Working in the Windows 10 environment (latest updates) I have a major problem with all software reading/viewing Affinity jpg, tiffs and Cr2 RAW files. 1. When using Affinity Photo and AP Beta version when trying to locate a photo using the Open function the files/photos images cannot be viewed in the Microsoft file structure. What I see is the file icon. 2. When I try to view a file(s) going by using the MS file structure I see the same file AP icon. 3. Using Canon's Digital Photo Professional 4 (latest version) I can sometimes view the files regardless of extension but it isn't
  3. Hello, I'm Scott Townley, and live in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. I have been using Affinity Photo for Windows since 2017 although I am new to the forums. I am a photographer and find Affinity to be a relatively manageable program to learn and use. My photography and Affinity Photo skill level has grown such that I produce professional quality photos to sell. My interests in photography include, street, portrait, architecture etc. The admins may find this little piece of information of interest. I have seen a steady growth of users in the camera club I attend. From 2018 until 2020 the num
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