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Found 2,358 results

  1. Good morning everyone Would anyone in here know where I may aquire the Affinity photo Frankentoon jungle palette. I have done a search but I have had no luck so far. Many thanks for your direction and guidance. Gaynor
  2. I'm very new to Affinity Photo so am getting to know where it really shines and where it falls short. By no means was I adept at Photoshop, but I found it essential for recording Actions. Unfortunately I've run into some issues using Affinity Photo's Macros in Batch jobs. The main one being that if I have a folder full of images that are in different aspect ratios (3:2, 4:3) it seems I am unable to record a Macro that resizes to a specific width or height ONLY. When I record a Macro and resize a 4:3 file to say 800px wide, with the size locked the height of course becomes 600px. If I run that Macro as a Batch on the folder of mixed aspect ratio images, the images that are in 3:2 ratio are resized to 800px x 600px, so they're badly distorted. So the Macro records the dimensions of BOTH edges when the resizing takes place, rather than only the edge you actually edit (as is the case in Photoshop). Is there an obvious solution to this that I am missing?
  3. Hi, Does someone know how to set a default language in any of the Affinity Apps. I am Dutch so I would like to set the spelling language to Dutch.
  4. HI All, I have already seen the thread - But it does not seem to help me. I am using version of Affinity and Windows 10 (Surface Book First Version). And the second copy is how it looks in default Windows Photos Raw viewer. Please help me what is wrong with this as, I used a batch processing on my RAW photos and they seem to look completely different if I try to do it one photo at a time. Thanks
  5. Hi, as per title, does Affinity Designer and Photo iPad version has perspective tool features? Thanks in advance.
  6. Find out the magic behind embedded Affinity Photo Files, blending of FX layers and how to group Layers so they don't loose their impact on the image. Also i give you some advice on how to prepare files so they work with as many other files as possible Styles Pack (50 Portrait + 42 Landscape Styles): https://gumroad.com/l/JIXnS Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/ Photo used for Cover: https://unsplash.com/photos/dYEuFB8KQJk
  7. Hi there, A very long-time user of Photoshop and just about every other image editing App you've heard of and probably a few you haven't I thought I'd show my work in here with Affinity Photo now that I've completely moved across from using Photoshop. I'm loving every single second of Affinity Photo and I believe that it's waaaaay easier to do most nearly everything in Affinity than it is in Photoshop even though I've been using Photoshop literally since the very first version of it. Anyway I'm going to post images that I've created using Affinity Photo and will update this thread when I create new pieces as long as that is okay with everyone in here and the forum moderators / Serif? Many thanks for taking a look, Mark https://instagram.com/mbphotomanipulations https://www.facebook.com/mbphotomanipulation
  8. j3rry


    creative work with Affinity Photo. Using some textures from unsplash...
  9. Does anybody know how to reposition a selection with the marquee tool while drawing it in Affinity Photo? In Photoshop you can press the space bar while holding down the left mouse button and reposition the selection or shape.This feature is really useful, can’t live without. Any chance to implement it in the next futures update?
  10. Hi Friends, I’ve decided to try Affinity apps on the iPad, my impression is just wow, finally I can work on the iPad. Awesome job Serif! Anyway I have a mock up PSD file, no problem opening the file in Affinity Photo, but just 1 problem i’m facing, How to double click on the layer to edit the content inside like how we can do it in Photoshop Desktop? i hoped the explanation above make sense, look forward for a solution. Thanks.
  11. I have a custom macro created in Affinity Photo (1.7) for the Mac and want to import this on Affinity iPad (1.7). What are the correct steps to achieve this?
  12. i have followed an AP tutorial on how to create swatches by: Create a palette from Image, Location: Application. Working on Mac with a Wacom tablet. I need them for color grading. I have created quite a few of them but not sure how I can show up in the swatch panel. The search tool does not shows them up. I can see some in a window (see enclosed screen shot) but when I try to search for them nothing happens.
  13. Hi, Few days back I read a tweet from troy_s (Troy James Sobotka), about "How to check any image editing software that treats the alpha channel from an EXR file correctly?" I checked the file with affinity photo and got different results. Here is the tweet link. Click here You can see how Krita and Fusion treating the alpha channel from the same exr file. And, I have opened the exr and enabled (associate openexr alpha channels - in preference > color). Please check the result in screenshot 2 And i have opened the image after disabling ("associate openexr alpha channels - in preference > color") I can't see the candle light with the background layer. I could see only the black background, instead of alpha enabled candle light and color background. - screenshot 1 And, I checked the file in krita and BMD Fustion. Those software's showed the candle light with alpha. Please check the screenshots - 3,4 I have attached that exr file here. I'm not sure whether its a bug. And, I'm sorry if my English is not good. candle.exr
  14. Hi All, I am new to Designing. And trying to create editable PDF files for my client. What are my current options? Can I create editable PDF directly on any of the Affinity products? If not, how can i go about it? Can I create designs etc on Affinity designer app and then somehow make the PDF editable to be filled by someone. Only basic few words need to be editable. Please help. thanks.!!
  15. Simple logic designs


    Hi everyone these are some styles i created for use on individual letters , hope there good enough for everyone to find a use case for them. this is my first go at creating styles it is a 148.59MB DOWNLOAD. S.L_LETTER_STYLES.afstyles
  16. for September 2019 -ALL of my Designers Kits and other products on a once only Super Sale. Over 29 GIGS of Archived product files in the one bundle. Affinity Designers' kits including Rose Petals Leadlight Glass, Coffee, romantic Hearts, Frames, Cafe Kit, Greetings Cards panels for Birthdays Christmas and more. Australian Themes, Vintage Aircraft, Kids Birthdays Treasure Maps So much more! Available for a LIMITED TIME! $25 the LOT https://gumroad.com/l/EciWh FULL Commercial Use! Including POD (Print On Demand). HURRY!!!
  17. When I use the Affinity Photo extension in Apple Photos, I get this message: "16MB change limit exceeded -- document will be flattened." This topic was raised in the forum a couple of years ago and some workarounds were suggested. However, nobody explained what "flattened" means. I'm using a 27-inch, 5K display, and I can't see the difference before and after the flattening. What exactly do I lose if I let Photos flatten the image?
  18. Any fast way to control tonal contrast (individually on shadow/midtone/hilights) Similar to the way snapseed works? Thanks
  19. Hello Whenever I use keyboard shortcuts (any shortcuts) the app crashes. When I select menu commands it doesn't. The crash log attached (incl. hardware configuration, system version etc). System locale – Russian, but I set "English" for AP. Affinity Photo.crash
  20. I generated 5 color swatch from an Instagram image, I matched them with a personal photo, and saved it as a preset, but I can’t find it under LUT or Presets. Where else can I find it? It’s also not on Files
  21. Should you get a Display Tablet? Here are 10 Reasons why it might be right for you. I use the Huion Kamvas Pro 20 in this video, which is very affordable and works great. Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sarikas Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/sarikastutorials https://www.instagram.com/sarikasat/ Join us on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityPhotoTuts/ Software i talk about: https://krita.org/en/ https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/photo/ https://www.blender.org/ https://pixologic.com/sculptris/
  22. Hey all, I'm really happy to announce that I've just released the first few videos of my passion project, the Shooting Series! What it's about I love photography and video - I'll often go out and shoot specific material for use in the Affinity Photo tutorials to demonstrate certain features, and this has fed into my desire to cover a mixture of well-known and esoteric shooting techniques. It's my goal, then, to produce a video series that looks at all kinds of weird and wonderful photographic techniques - from shooting for stacking (long exposure simulation, noise reduction) to light painting, "big stopper" effects, portrait panoramas, focus stacking landscapes.. the list goes on. I'm constantly gathering material and planning/scripting videos, but I've just put the finishing touches on a few of the videos and felt it was about time to share them. Where applicable, I'll also be providing sample materials to download. Additionally, I've also put accompanying articles up on my website that provide some additional tips and insights. Long Exposure Water - Watch on YouTube - Read article In this video we're looking at the popular technique of using long exposure times to create shots with blurred motion; in this particular case, we're focusing on water. When you shoot water with long exposures, it takes on a smoother, "flowing" and sometimes ethereal appearance. In the video, I cover the use of both variable and fixed Neutral Density filters, as well as square filters with a filter bracket. Burst Stacking - Watch on YouTube - Read article - Download sample images Here we're exploring the use of stacking in post to create a long exposure look from a burst of images. It's a very esoteric technique, but can prove very useful in certain circumstances: you could, for example, find yourself in a situation where you want to achieve a long exposure look to some water, but don't have either a means of stabilisation or any ND filters to cut down the light for a slower shutter speed. I've also provided a ZIP archive with image samples for two of the compositions so you can stack them and see the effect. Big Stopper - Watch on YouTube - Read article - Download sample images In this video we're taking a look at setting up the camera for a "big stopper" effect with landscapes, as well as exploring stacking in post production to both enhance and emulate the effect. Also provided is a ZIP archive with image samples for two of the examples so you can experiment with stacking them. Polarisers - Watch on YouTube - Read article In this short and sweet video we're taking a look at polarisers, examining their benefits and caveats. Portrait Panoramas - Watch on YouTube - Read article Check out how to capture more vertical space in your panoramas by shooting in portrait orientation. --- Hope you find them interesting and useful!
  23. James Ritson

    Malta 2017

    Hey all, just wanted to share a few of the (many) photos I took during my holiday last week in Malta. We previously went to Malta in May of this year and liked it so much we went back! This time I brought some camera gear that I didn't chance taking last time, including a tripod, flash gun and portable light, so I was able to get some shots I would have previously struggled with. First up is a long exposure panorama of Valletta from Sliema Bay: Valletta at Night by James Ritson on 500px.com Then, on our last night, having wound down and packed all my gear up, we were treated to one of Malta's occasional thunderstorms. I quickly unpacked and went up to the rooftop of the guest house to capture several long exposures, which I then composited into this: Thunderstorm in Mellieħa by James Ritson on 500px.com We also got a ferry across to Comino, which was absolutely packed with tourists. A short walk later to the more arid areas, however, and I saw some tiny lizards: Suspicious Lizard by James Ritson on 500px.com Now, my partner is a bit of a poser (something she'll admit herself), but she doesn't usually like standing around to be photographed in the UK because it's quite cold. Give her some blistering heat, however, and she'll model all day! Test of Strength by James Ritson on 500px.com We ended up doing quite a few photoshoots (I've only edited two or three images so far): Not Impressed by James Ritson on 500px.com Rabat Arch by James Ritson on 500px.com And finally for now, we visited the National Park which is an interesting little place in itself, but I discovered what seemed to be a disused rail yard across the road. I got a few photos of the area, but this one jumped out at me because of all the textures: Rusty by James Ritson on 500px.com Anyway, just wanted to share a few photos, I'll possibly add some more when I get around to editing them (there's quite a backlog...) - thanks for looking and hope they give you some ideas!
  24. Erik Butterfield

    Lands End San Francisco

    Is this where you post success without Adobe?

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