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  1. While I was art streaming last night I made this quickly for fun. Felt pretty happy with the art considering the short time put into it. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ooev1k
  2. Screech Just sharing the latest crazy drawing! based on Inktober:09 All vector reconstruction of sketch started in Sketchbook Pro 8.5 last year Completed in AD using just vectors Size = 200 x 200 mm (300dpi)
  3. Assets from [Screech] inktober #09 Sharing a selection of vector assets Asset List subCategory List 35 Feathers 8 Fill texture patterns 14 Texture Groups 19 Texture Overlays 11 Trees/partial 13 Leaves 11 shapes Asset Sample Sheets PDF sample Sheet x2 (not all assets displayed) Single asset file with 7 subcategories Samples as displayed (had to change colour of some assets in library as don't display well on grey backgrounds) Also embedded repeating patterns (x2) had to be inserted to assets as group rather than embed
  4. This started off as a thumbnail and brush experiment for the 2 new brush sets associated with 'Ecosystem' but I have gone a bit 'over the top' for that!. Used Brush sets Substrate Painter | Vector Bristles and a collection of vector elements
  5. I have been slowly learning Designer. AiroplainPlusBackground02.pdf
  6. I would like to see an option to set a fixed aspect ratio when using the slice tool. Right now I can set a width and height and then link them, however, when I draw a new slice if it's not the same dimensions I have to unlink the H&W and manually type the correct dimensions and move the slice into position. Ideally I would set a fixed aspect ratio, draw my first slice, maybe move it into place, then line up my next slice with the first and draw it to match the width or height of the and already have the other dimension set correctly based on the AR.
  7. Lately I haven't been able to reopen Affinity Designer files. These are files I created and saved with the program. I bought AD about a year ago when I had an older iMac. I've since changed to a silicon Mac Mini. I have the latest version of AD. When either clicking on a .afdesign file or trying to open it from within the program, I get this: Of course I checked permissions of the files, and they're all set for read/write. I tried tossing and redownloading AD and it made no difference. I've seen this general problem posted on this forum but never with a s
  8. I totally forgot to post this here, which is really dumb of me, because this is probably one of the most important places that this should be posted! I worked with the lovely folks over at Serif/Affinity to create this official sample artwork for the release of Affinity Designer 1.7. You can access the working file of this illustration both on the desktop as well as iPad versions of Designer by browsing the sample artwork section, which will allow you to have a look 'under the hood' to see how the illustration was put together. The artwork also shows up for a moment in the latest Affinit
  9. Recently dealt with a small logo project for a barber. Was a cheap job and needed to be done 'soon'. Below is the progress... - 1. This was the original logo, not 100% clear on the 'MOS' initials, but this is what they wanted adapting. Remove the lion and add some scissors. The colour was also preferred to keep (a kind of 'gold'.) - 2. This was my first pass, thinking that the staggered 'MOS' wasn't clear, I went inline and moved the scissors over the 'O'. Traditionally, for a fairly simple logo I've always made sure the silhouette of it reads well before introducing c
  10. Layout in Designer. Because there is no Affinity Publisher available for the iPad yet, I now format in Designer. This is the result. Formerly formatted in Adobe InDesign. Let's hope AP will be available on the iPad soon. (Sorry for the bad English.) IMG_0840.MOV
  11. I tried yesterday to export a designe for my client its made with pen tool and few brush layers with blend mode set to Erase. When I tried to export it as pdf/svg transparent background ( that was already set on the document setup) Its not work and its export with white background and the erase layers was also visible (and not erased nothing) Even if I tried to ⌘+A>Export>svg/pdf>selection without background its not worked Its work fine only when I tried to export it as a png transparent I'm really need help because its for a client and the time is a litt
  12. All the affinity applications are crashing it does not open, I click on an affinity application, it loads the square screen that always comes out and then closes without doing anything, I thought it was my computer and it wasn't, I thought it was my AMD Driver they were not, restart the applications, nothing, uninstall it and install it again and nothing, I read in the affinity forums that it said to change the name of the application folder "1.0" that's the name of the folder, but it doesn't work, another one is created folder with the same name. I have bought it in the Microsoft store and I
  13. Does affinity has tiling feature like in Adobe Animate or Krita? The feature I am asking about is wrap around mode in Krita. Example : In Animate : Check the last gif for example. I want to make nice looking tiles in affinty designer. As long i can make that I am willing to switch to affinity. All I want is nice fast workflow for making 2D game art in affinity. I have attached some references of what i want to do. https://www.gamedevmarket.net/asset/jungle-tile-set/ As advertised in the affinity designer page here. The artwork they shown is from a game too. https://a
  14. It's been a minute since I last posted here, so I figured I'd show off what I've been working on these last few. I don't have a complete project as of yet. What I'm doing is building up assets for a comic project I'm working on, trying to do at least one model a day over the next year or so until I have enough objects to mix and match together to build up my various scenes. I have about 23 models so far. I've thrown them together into a single scene to see if they work together coherently, and, so far, I've been pleased with the results. Since I'm using Designer heavily for labels a
  15. There has been discussion of a problem, but what follows seems more appropriate for Share Your Work, so a new thread, but with a courtesy link to the original thread. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/136552-bleed-area-issue-with-designer-bug-or-feature I am producing artwork to make what are notionally photo greetings cards, but I am making jpg files of the correct size at 300dots per inch CMYK colours and using those instead of photographs to produce one-off greetings cards, then uploading to the company's website and in due course receiving a card by post. htt
  16. Hi Team, There seems to be a problem in the way AD versions 1.9.0 through to 1.9.2 recognise and pass vector line information to our Trotec 'JobControl' print driver. The print/render will now produce a raster red line instead of a vector for files created in any version prior -> 1.8.5. If I redraw that very same line (then snap it to the existing path in 1.9.2 Beta for example) and print the file to JobControl, the line will print correctly. We have hundreds of files with complex cutting Artboards in them. As it stands we will have to recreate every red cut line from every shape
  17. Just trying out Contour Tool and the things you can do with it. Fill from StuartRc Camouflages and Dinosaur Styles https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/497645654/ Around 3.30 in the video they explain how to do it.
  18. This has very nearly been the death of me - but the end is finally in sight!
  19. Hi I am unable to download the sample files provided in the Designer app on to my iPad. I managed to download one file but the others are getting stuck for impossibly long periods of time. Agreed this is not a major issue but it has me worried about whether there is some larger issue at work. Esp since I am to totally new to Affinity. Any ideas? I am using an iPad Air 2, the device is old but the app seems to run okay on it. Also, there is enough space on the device and the connection is all right too, so it can’t be those issues. Thanks!
  20. Sympetrum flaveolum commonly known as a yellow winged darter. I started this ages ago and stopped a few times as I got bored with it due to it being so fiddly. I adjusted it a bit to get rid of some ugly flare. Too much effort for what it is but oh well. The outlines looks like a black mess so I've just shown a section.
  21. If I need to lay guides for a project, how do I do that if the measurement is not in pixels? Examples: inches, millimeters, etc...
  22. Made some impossible shapes/walkway things on stream. Pretty happy with how they turned out.
  23. Ecosystem Second instalment of inked murals and follow up to 'Fallen' All Raster Drawing using Inktober Inker Brushes Full Size 3000mm x 800mm (A bit big!)..but hey! AD can cope! upload size (10%) 3543 x 944px
  24. Hi fellow Affinity users. Having been confined to the house during the Covid pandemic I have taken the opportunity to update the Designer PDF help file to version 1.9 There have been numerous feature additions in this version so you may benefit from updating. I hope you find it useful. I have attached a lower resolution copy of the PDF version of the Affinity Designer IPad apps built in Help file directly to this post. See below. (I have also attached a less compressed (higher resolution) copy's Dropbox “link” to a PDF version). You can open the PDF file in a reader or iBook allo
  25. Hi, I am looking for some help on how to draw a cylinder on the Front or Side plane of an isometric grid. All of the examples and how-to's I have seen so far are explained on the Top plane which I can easily reproduce. Drawing and aligning the two ellipses on either the Front or the Side plane is not my problem. The issue is only on how to draw and align the rectangle between the two ellipses. I am struggling to achieve this, so any help preferably a short video would be appreciated.
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