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    serpenteagle got a reaction from Rivka in Are Diagonal Guides a Thing?   
    I know that you can create diagonal grids, but sometimes I just need a one off guide on a slant to align just one element with another.
    So basically you would just be able to rotate an existing guide.
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    serpenteagle got a reaction from Aleksandar Kovač in Grids on OpenGL (Default) are Buggy as Hell   
    Thats a good point to make, but that still doesn't justify the fact that grids are literally unusable by default. This is a basic rule for UX.. Don't ship a feature that doesn't work!
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    serpenteagle got a reaction from Aleksandar Kovač in Grids on OpenGL (Default) are Buggy as Hell   
    Hey guys.. grids have been super buggy on OpenGL for months on end now. The solution for Mac Users is to switch to Metal, but the problem is that Designer ships with OpenGL as a default. Why is this? You can't expect the customers to troubleshoot and fix things that shouldn't be broken in the first place. Who cares about all the features you guys are pushing out if they don't even work properly in the first place?
    All of these bugs are really pushing me to switch back to the Adobe suite, and I really don't want to do that.
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    serpenteagle reacted to MEB in how to remove background in affinity designer?   
    Hi Bishan Singh,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
    You didn't specify what type of background you are dealing with: it's a photographic background or a solid colour you want to make transparent? I'm assuming it's a photographic one from the tags of this thread.
    If so switch to Pixel Persona - menu Affinity Designer ▸ Pixel Persona (mac) or File ▸ Personas ▸ Pixel (windows) -  and follow this video tutorial. Although the video is for Affinity Photo the tools and process is the same in Affinity Designer. It helps you create a mask to hide the background. You can then export the image without background as a PNG or TIFF as explained in the video or "merge" the image layer and the mask so they become just a single layer. To do this  right-click the image layer (which contains the mask) in the Layers panel and select Rasterise....
    Although you can use the Pen Tool to create a path that can be converted to a selection in Affinity Photo (pressing the Selection button in the context toolbar), this option/button is not available in Affinity Designer.
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    serpenteagle reacted to JASN in Missing Gradient Halftone Effect from Illustrator   
    It doesn't look like Affinity Designer can create it's own halftones from a gradient like Adobe Illustrator can. Am I correct in seeing this? Unfortunately that means seeing a bunch of tutorials online for drawing tons of tiny circles. I hate when I can't find the identical features. Anyone have a work around?
    See example of what I'm talking about.
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    serpenteagle reacted to Pablo Vozza in Missing Gradient Halftone Effect from Illustrator   
    Loving already the switch from Adobe but would be crucial to have this feature in both Photo and Designer
    People at Serif: Could you please implement that in future updates?
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    serpenteagle reacted to Old Bruce in X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?   
    Click -90º for the second axis' angle. I am assuming you mean 0,0 for the origin. This sure seems like a bug, I have forgotten the little math & geometry I used to know.
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    serpenteagle reacted to MEB in Grids are Super Glitchy   
    Hi serpenteagle,
    To prevent the layers from auto-expanding in the Layers panel, right-click the small menu icon on the top right of the panel and untick Auto-scroll.
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    serpenteagle reacted to liambrazier in Snap to node to draw a shape off another shape   
    I recently downloaded the latest Designer and I note there still isn't a way to snap to corner points as I described previously, so am wondering if there is anything being done further to snapping or so forth in the future?
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    serpenteagle got a reaction from anon2 in Scale Corners Proportionaly   
    I think a lot of us want this. Corners don't scale proportionally unless you bake them. Baking means its a huge pain to go back and change it later, so that isn't a solution. Please add an option to scale corners proportionally like it does in illustrator. Thanks!
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    serpenteagle reacted to MikeMo in Scale Tool   
    This has still not been implemented.  Very basic & essential tool missing from such an otherwise beautifully conceived application.
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    serpenteagle reacted to R C-R in Increase Palette Color Size   
    If you mean the Swatches Studio panel, you can click on the 4 line 'hamburger' menu icon on the top right of the panel & choose "Large" from the "Appearance" menu item.

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