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    Antony parks got a reaction from Mark Oehlschlager in Global Colours   
    Good afternoon (at least here it is),
    A small niggle......doing a European map.....so I can get an over all picture of the colours and edit them simply I am using global colours on the fills and the outlines of the countries.
    Superb editing the global colours; really works and I can produce a very laid back but clear colour scheme. (I have often wanted to "Group" by colour in other softwares and this system is great even if one has to plan ahead a bit to use it)
    The niggle is: when I edit an individual segment I do not know which clobal colour has been used as it is not highlighted on the swatches; I also don't know whether a global colour has been applied to that particular segment or not.
    Can the Global colour used be highlighted when the fill or stroke is edited please?

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    Antony parks got a reaction from Patrick Connor in StudioLink doesn't work (macOS)   
    Probably me having another cup of tea.
    Mac moves in mysterious ways.
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    Antony parks got a reaction from Patrick Connor in StudioLink doesn't work (macOS)   
    Yipee kai yea.....
    Just rebooted for the n'th time today and we are all working.
    That is AWESOME.
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    Antony parks got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (RC1)   
    Great work guys, keep going!
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    Antony parks got a reaction from whizzrd in Color Correction with X-Rite Colorchecker Passport   
    Yes,I would love to see Color Checker working: both  being able to make colour profiles and to do white balance with a droper/colour picker would be really good.
    Still doing this in Lightroom 5.
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    Antony parks got a reaction from pgraficzny in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Hi everyone,
    I'm very new around this software.
    I'm an orphan from Abode who just declared my bundle of CS6 illegal and switched it off!
    Really enjoying Publisher and as most of my (limited ) output from In-Design went out in PDF I am very pleased to find that I can edit and update these files perfectly in Publisher.
    Thank you and carry on the good work.
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