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  1. I can confirm that Beta solves this problem! Which is great because it was getting very frustrating.
  2. Hi I would prefere to upload to dropbox link and would ask you to delete the file once you have no need for it as it contains client information.
  3. Please view the supplied video to see this issue. Essentially, when I try to select a particular object a different object is selected. Even when clicking into blank space the same object is selected. Frustrating. This happens on other pages too. It seems that it is always related to text frames. There are other pages on which it doesn't happen. publisher_issue.mp4
  4. As my copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro no longer works on Mac OS High Sierra I am unable to produce Secure Pdfs unless I use Indesign. How long until Publisher offers this? I don't just want to be able to add a password before the document can be opened. I need the ability for people to be able to open the pdf but not extract images and text. Alan
  5. Just wanted to say the 1.8 update is completely awesome! I'm in the middle of a 16 page document and already the preflight has come in really handy! Only wish the update came just a few days earlier as this job is a migration from a previous indesign job; but not to worry. Really please with this new update. Well done guys.
  6. Lovely brushes, Pedro. Thank you :)
  7. That's not quite what I am saying. The document itself (leaving aside imported images) would normally be in cmyk, so that colours you create within the document are in this mode. I agree that imported image should stay the same (or optionally convert on import according to your preferences).
  8. I think the document setup dialogue should default to cmyk, this is publishing after all. Also it would be good to have the Link icon in the margin settings so that you can have all the margins the same without having to type the size into all fields. Why aren't the bleed settings here? And where are they?
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