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  1. NM, Post is really old, so my help is probably no help!
  2. Just wanted to say +1 for a keyboard shortcut for filling a selection (e.g., Option + Delete for primary (foreground in PS) and Command + Delete for secondary (background in PS)). Use those all the time in PS and am really missing that feature in Photo at the moment! :(
  3. +1 for the gradient that follows stroke (introduced to Illustrator in CS6). Keep up the great work Affinity team! :P
  4. Just adding a +1 for the contour tool. Years ago I used it extensively in CorelDRAW and use path offset in Illustrator. The contour tool was really great as you could apply contour > break apart > apply a fill to the contour to create really neat text and object outlines or inner reflections. :)

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