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  1. Nice to see someone making use of the grids.  I plan on making them more useful with some future tools and on-page widgets.


    Ooooooh interesting hint at fun new stuff??

  2. Cool, it's a great feature, used it a few times myself.


    Your telling me, I freelanced onsite a few months back and had to create something similar but had to use Illustrator....took so much messing and wasted working time making my own grid and turning them to guides (I cant stand the perspective tool in illustrator).

  3. Yes, that font is a lot nicer. Looking at the other now in comparison the Kerning looks huge.


    If not selling it, can you not publish it with something like iBooks? and use it as a marketing tool? looks far too good to just gather dust in the back of a back up disk.

  4. Lovely.


    Did you try using slight gaussian blur to mimic depth of field on different layers?

    Maybe could add some more depth... Just saying...  :)


    I might have a play at some options when I have all three done, Ive never actually taken this style so far before, I use it for more simple client infographics that need a quick turn around. But I have an open to mind suggestions, I'm actually really enjoying not battling with perspective.

  5. Thanks I wanted to make something completely new, and to raise my game a little loads of amazing work being made in Affinity at the moment (plus I had get away from all copyrighted stuff). I've actually had this scene in my head a while, happy it came out 99% the same as I pictured.


    Also from the Facebook fan page, I got a suggestion for a train station (which is excellent and I m starting this afternoon), after I had an idea to do a space port to complete the set .Then will spend a day after working of some life forms.

  6. Wow, nice job David. It's crying out to be animated. Affinity "Animator" anyone?

    I wish, that would be awesome....if only their was someone that could make a simple, intuitive piece of software available at a reasonable price.

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