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  1. I realized that after I posted. . . still finding my way around the forum. Thanks!
  2. Hello! New to the forum. I have been banging around in Affinity Photo for the last day and have figured pretty much everything out I needed as a deal breaker. I am cautious but extremely optimistic that I will not be renewing my PhotoshopCC sub this time around. Been using it since early 90s as a digital painter and would love to see a viable option, mainly because I believe stiff competition keeps everyone on their toes. However my thumbnail previews are not there either, only the Affinity icon for files still saved in that format. If I save as a .jpg, etc., I get a thumbnail preview. This is consistent whether going to the specific folder or viewing through Bridge. All other apps previewing thumbs just fine. On October 14, above, Mark Ingram posted a screen grab of the Designer General Pref but I do not have that option in Photo: Save Thumbnails with Document I seriously want to make the move to Affinity, but not being able to quickly see which file to open, even though my naming conventions are stellar, could be a major slog. Downloaded the trial this past week: Mac Pro, OS El Cap 10.11.6 P.S. Crashed it three times last night. Appreciated the file restoration choice! However it blew my workspace all to pieces each time. Had to pull my "studio" layout back into place which was disappointing. Is there not a way to save the workspace like in Photoshop? Any known conflicts on Macs? Harddisk space 2Ts clear for use, increased the available juice to 50kmg, set undo to 8. Got no warning before the crashes and have not crashed anything in over a year. Hoping increased available ram will solve the crashing problem. So far so good. Thanks much! Kathryn Ault Noble
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