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  1. Merritt, I really like that idea - still tweaking on and off. Thank you for your encouraging input.
  2. Thank you for your input on the feathers! Will play with that a bit. To answer your question about how long it took? I would say about two weeks - I'd get frustrated - drop it - go back to it but, I was determined.
  3. Thank you for your welcomed comments retrograde. You know I'm so glad you mentioned the blurred elements - they were part of the writer's tutorial and they are very distracting because I just couldn't quite emulate the effect.
  4. As I've said before, I'm not a pro just someone who enjoys playing. My knowledge of Illustrator is zero and perhaps that's a plus for me in trying to "translate" something done in Illustrator to Designer. Followed this tutorial https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-vibrant-peacock-in-adobe-illustrator--cms-20503 . Still a work in progress and tweaking but this is what AD helped me do.
  5. That is beautiful and well done. I enjoy working with digital scrap kits. Thank you so much for sharing your work; just downloaded.
  6. Hi DannyS, I had something similar happen to me a while back. I tried to explain to the issuing card company that it was not a charge I had authorized but because of the "small print" authorization their hands were tied and it would take a long time to resolve. Workaround..., in my case, was to have my bank issue another card with a different number.
  7. Enrique, it is finished. It is not perfect and its results are in no way indicative of your tutorial. It is an excellently written tutorial with accompanying step-by-step illustrations. Even for this newbie it was easy to follow. Since I'm not familiar with the pen and node tools, the horns were definitely a challenge but I, nevertheless, forged ahead and once they were done the rest was stress free. Thank you so much for your work - it truly was a learning experience and a chance to get to know AD's many tools and what they do and how to use them. I've never used flickr so don't know if this will work... huh, it worked! ;)
  8. Ok, new to AP and AD - never really worked with vectors, nodes, pens....; I'm gonna give this a try - I enjoy challenges. ;)
  9. Rigger, great minds think alike - or so they say... This post has a similar "food for thought" suggestion and its responses... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23652-ap-and-ad-food-for-thought/
  10. Ok, got Filter Forge to work within the Affinty Photo 1.4.2 by using a free app for Macs - BatChmod which allows for the changing of permissions without using the Terminal. Restarted Affinity, opened an image and ran FF from within Affinity; it worked!
  11. R C-R that is a great way to steer people to the specific correct forum.
  12. Thank you Fixx for your input and MEB for confirming what I imagined the Affinity Forum had already considered. It might work in the future as more and more people join the Affinity network of products and become aware of the differences between AP and AD.
  13. I'm a complete newbie to AP, three days to be exact and am obsessed; love it. I've gone through the forum and learned much about AP specifically. Ok, here comes the "food for thought" part. Would it be possible to create sub-forums, one for AP and one for AD? I find when searching for answers to queries that not all apply to AP. If something applies to both in either sub-forum, then a link to that thread could be noted. Did that make sense? If this has been suggested and addressed, my apologies for the repeat.
  14. Downloaded and installed Affinity Beta 1.5., directed through Preferences where to find the FF 5 plugin. Dalia > Library > Containers > com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.beta > Data > Library > Application Support > Plugins > Filter Forge 5. Restarted, opened new document, Affinity crashes when calling Filter Forge. :huh:
  15. Chris thank you for the advice - I will try the beta and report back today. I do have to comment that as a standalone FF works fine.
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