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  1. Great to see new features implemented~! A couple of notes:

    1. It would be nice to make the 'reverse direction button' of arrow ends a bit more visible... it's so grayed out on my screen I guessed at what it was... couldn't really see the icon.

    2. I don't recall seeing the OS requirements for 1.7 but I've been testing it in Mavericks and up... the Appearance Studio - multiple stroke and fills, seems to not work at all using Mavericks. One of the nice things about Affinity programs so far.. is that they have been usable in older OS's. Is this a change, or a bug?

    3. In some quick playing with arrowheads, I get some stepping using arrowheads/ends at 500% size and using a pressure mapping of the line (bringing both the start and stop ends down but leaving the middle up). If I remove the arrowheads/ends this stepping goes away. Bug?


    No Arrows.jpg


  2. Interesting... the idea of going back through the history panel was helpful, though I had saved file previously before turning 'save history with document' on, so where this happened in history wasn't there. In trying to replicate this, if I draw an object and then select under the Layer menu > Convert to Text Frame, it turns my object into a text frame and cannot be turned back unless one goes through history to before that action (or issue an undo command). The interesting thing is, I know I did NOT select Convert to Text Frame, so I am still unsure how this object became a text frame. Once a text farme... you can no longer edit the fill.

  3. Hi, working in Designer Mac... I created a curve, say of a mountain range... using the pen tool. It looked good and I made some edits with the node tool, added a color, then selected the gradient tool and added some gradient shading. Odd thing is, when I went back into the file today to edit the gradient color... when I select the mountain layer, 1. there's not color, nor gradient available to edit. and 2. It shows in the layer's panel as a T (text) curve. There's no text in it and I really don't recall converting it. Is there any way to get it back to where I can edit the color and gradient? Anyone ever run into anything like this before?

  4. Hi, working in Designer Mac, I've got an ad that I'm working on... my normal printer uses an ICC color profile of US Web Coated SWOP V2 and it looks on screen fine and prints out fine. Another print company that I'm sending the work to uses GRACol G7 GALCol2013_GRPC6 ICC and when I soft proof with this ICC profile the overall design looks like I put a light gray blanket over it. Question, can I use an overall color layer adjust that compensates for this? Or do I need to tweak each color as best I can? Thanks in advance!!!!

  5. Adding the snowflakes as Assets seems straight forward enough.... only thing I find not great, is the snowflakes on the light gray background barely show up... it'd be cool if one could control or set the background color somehow to 'see' the assets better. Just a thought.

    Snowflakes assets.png

  6. Studio panels... both for AD and AP

    I'd love to see the Typography panel be made available as a dock-able panel, so that it could fit alongside the Character and Paragraph panels as well as being a separate window. Just seems to make sense to have it another tab alongside the other text formatting panels.

    And, there's times I really wish the Studio panel AND/OR some of the panels had a scrollable length. There are times I simply cannot see enough of the panel info and scrolling would help.

    Thanks – TimberTypography.png.378c1898c4b4a5e1ebae34c8064156ff.pngTypography1.jpg.13bddc9af3ebf8680f6e0ed2d5ea70f2.jpg


  7. I think too the previous fast pace of newer beta releases and updates, prior to adding the Windows and iPad versions of the apps, got everyone spoiled. That was very impressive, but it's also very understandable with the expanded product releases that things need to be crossed checked and make sure the code base functions properly across the various platforms now. I think the programmers are doing a great job and encourage all to sit tight and wait for the goodies. I'm sure the programmers want to add to these programs prowess as much as we all want to see that happen too. Meanwhile, there's still so much I learn all the time that I can do with the existing builds. Keep up the fantastic work guys and gals! and Thanks! – Timber

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