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  1. αℓƒяє∂

    Importing styles affinity designer

    Box, Dropbox and iCloud Drive all seem to work fine for importing styles into AD on iPad here.
  2. In Affinity Photo it’s called ‘protect alpha’.
  3. This is an ‘Affinity Photo on iPad’ thread. It would be best to repost your question in the correct forum section. (Layer management in the desktop and iPad versions of AD isn’t exactly the same.)
  4. αℓƒяє∂

    Remove white?

    Come to think of it, I’m not sure I don’t know how you find out the bit depth on an iPad!
  5. αℓƒяє∂

    Remove white?

    What’s the colour/bit depth of these files? Can you share an example here?
  6. αℓƒяє∂

    Reverse text path on iPad?

    Don’t feel too bad, Dan! There are quite a few things hiding in weird places. The Context toolbar for the Pen Tool is also where the stroke width control resides, and (although it’s logical when you think about it) when I was looking for the alignment commands it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that I needed to look in the Transform Studio.
  7. αℓƒяє∂

    Controls in transform studio on iPad

    Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. If I place my finger on the X control and move it up beyond the Width label, the X value increases until I lift my finger: at that point, it goes back to what it was originally. 5C9CB5CE-BEA3-484A-A31E-1C95315EB5CB.MOV
  8. αℓƒяє∂

    Cannot create compound ‘Divide’ object in Designer

    Thanks for your reply, Miguel. I can’t reproduce the ‘no effect’ outcome that I reported last night, so I guess we have to put that down to user error, but I’m definitely getting behaviour which is not the same as in the Windows version. Maybe the Mac version behaves differently. On Windows, if I select two rectangles overlapping at the corners, ‘Divide’ gives me a small rectangle (from the overlap) and two L-shaped pieces, but ‘Alt-Divide’ gives me a Compound object just like ‘Alt-Combine’ does. On the iPad, long-pressing on the ‘Divide’ command has the same effect as short-pressing, giving me three separate Curve objects.
  9. αℓƒяє∂

    Stylus compatibility

    Being a bit of a cheapskate, I have a Meko stylus — or rather, a set of two with several replacement tips. The price of the set was about half the price of a single Adonit Jot Pro.
  10. αℓƒяє∂

    Warp Tool for Vectors

    A vector mesh warp/distortion tool is on the version 1.x roadmap for Affinity Designer. I assume it will be added to the desktop version first, and then find its way to the iPad version some time after that.
  11. αℓƒяє∂

    Stylus compatibility

    Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Junglis98. For maximum functionality you need an Apple Pencil, but any capacitive stylus will work like a high-precision fingertip.
  12. αℓƒяє∂

    Swash Tutorial

    An easy way to draw a smooth curve is to draw a straight line with the Pen Tool and then drag on the line with the Node Tool. In AD on iPad, choose the Pen Tool, tap at the start and end positions of the straight line segment, tap on the ‘—Edit—‘ icon on the Context toolbar and then drag on the line to reshape it to a curve.
  13. αℓƒяє∂

    Swash Tutorial

    Ornaments on Font Squirrel.
  14. Long-pressing on most of the Geometry commands on the Edit menu results in a compound object/layer, but long-pressing on the ‘Divide’ command has no effect. In the desktop version, Alt-clicking on the ‘Divide’ icon produces the same effect as Alt-clicking on ‘Combine’.
  15. αℓƒяє∂

    Swash Tutorial

    I suggest playing with shape tools such as the Tear and the Crescent. For example, you can create a Nike swash quite easily by duplicating a tear shape, rotating the duplicate slightly, overlapping it with the original and then subtracting.