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  1. αℓƒяє∂

    Missing Font

    Optima is a commercial font, but the Magenta MgOpen lookalike Cosmetica is free: https://packages.debian.org/jessie/fonts-mgopen Belleza and Marcellus (both from Google Fonts) might be worth a look if you're willing to make do with something close but not an exact copy. From the OP's screenshot, it looks as though the missing font is an SF (San Francisco) font. I believe those fonts come with macOS; I don't think they're even available to buy if you aren't using a Mac.
  2. I think that’s telling you PP is using the font embedded in the PDF file.
  3. Does it look correct when exported to PDF, John? If so, you might try opening the PDF file in PagePlus to see if that offers up any clues.
  4. αℓƒяє∂

    Export Error

    Who needs a T-shirt as long as that? Only a small proportion of the world’s population measures 200 cm (2 metres) or more from head to foot, and most of them will only want a T-shirt that reaches from their shoulders to their hips. The normal viewing distance for a billboard of that size is large enough that 150 DPI will be more than sufficient.
  5. αℓƒяє∂

    My Adobe resignation. Anyone else packed it in with them?

    Why do you need to replace Bridge, now that it’s free for everyone?
  6. αℓƒяє∂

    To reposition the ruler origin:

    ... Serif DrawPlus, perhaps? I know they’re trying to do everything “new from the ground up”, but double-clicking on the ruler intersection to move the ruler origin is so intuitive that almost any other choice of method seems perverse.
  7. αℓƒяє∂


    How to take a screenshot on your Mac
  8. Or, to put it another way, something that makes sense?
  9. A normal space is typically 1/4 em, but I think you want a thin space (1/5 or 1/6 em). http://jkorpela.fi/chars/spaces.html
  10. αℓƒяє∂


    I see from earlier threads that @debbru is a Windows user, so one way would be to use the Snipping Tool which is included with all recent versions of Windows.
  11. αℓƒяє∂


    What do you mean? You’ve already attached screenshots of dialogs from Photoshop, so you obviously know how to take screenshots and how to attach them to your posts.
  12. Long enough to take exception to, perhaps?
  13. αℓƒяє∂


    Why are you going back to PS after cropping, instead of just staying in APh? You shouldn’t need to select pixels. I was merely pointing out that the dialog showed 14.99 cm when it should have shown 15.00 cm, and I was attempting to explain the discrepancy in terms of the expected number of pixels for 15 cm at 300 dpi.
  14. For those wondering, the shortcut is a colon followed by a dollar sign.