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  1. Just noticed this on, fortunately I caught it before sending work off to print. Hoping this gets fixed soon, too. The sooner the better.
  2. 8BitCerberus

    Vanishing bleed Designer

    Any update on this issue? I'm on and still have the issue of anything inside the bleed area is invisible. It renders when exporting, just doesn't show in Designer. I was just happy to finally get a visible bleed line and assumed it was working as intended, even though I'd prefer to see things in the bleed area as I'm used to with Illustrator/InDesign/etc. I didn't realize it was a bug until I started using Publisher and it's rendering the bleed area just fine. Clip to canvas does nothing, and hiding/showing the bleed also doesn't fix it (as it was for OP during beta). I can change to outline view and see the outline of the objects within the bleed area, but nothing in vector view or the pixel views either. They can't even be selected from the bleed area in vector view, but can be in outline view (this is less of an issue as I'm generally not needing to select something in the bleed area, just an observation.)
  3. 8BitCerberus

    Your login sucks noobs

    Use a password manager, you fool. Never worry again what you need to log into any website. You are welcome.
  4. Storing the images uncomressed isn't necessarily the problem, even Illustrator does the same thing (or maybe CC doesn't anymore, but I refuse to move off CS6). But not having the ability to choose whether to link or embed the image is where the real issue lies, in my opinion. I love AD but the one thing keeping me from using it professionally is not being able to link images instead of embedding them. If I'm working on a print ad for a client I may go through 4-5 revisions before final approval, and I save revisions as separate files so if there's ever a need to go back to an earlier revision it's no big deal, but when each file can easliy balloon to 500MB-1.5GB, that's just ridiculous, while with Illustrator each file is around 5-10MB. I've been linking images with Illustrator for as long as it's been an option. Even back on a crappy MacBook (non-Pro) from 2008 there has never been an issue with performance vs. embedded images, so that explanation doesn't really hold any relevance to me. And it certainly was not an issue on my MacPro, nor on my later i7 or current Ryzen PCs.

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