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  1. Jep, it's a step backward. The Guides Manager is not a replacement. Want the gutter feature back!
  2. How can i change the color of the shape (the blue) if i have used the frame text tool? Can't find any option to do this. I can only change the text color.
  3. Ok, thanks for your answer.
  4. Hello, how can i copy the color i marked in the attached screenshot. And why i can't Ctrl-Z after i change something until i close this small dialog. It's so frustrating!
  5. Thanks! Not the best solution, but it works very well! Wish i can disable layers in single slices.
  6. I have a background with different texts in one position. I would like to export the background and a text in the "Export Persona", e.g. Background+Text1 -> Slice Background+Text2 -> Slice Background+Text2 -> Slice and so on, each in a separate export. Remember, Text1, Text2 and Text3 is at the same position. How can I achieve this? Is this possible?
  7. vdreams

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Lohnt es sich wenigstens? Hab damit auch schon geliebäugelt. Würde mich eher interessieren was noch so für Themen enthalten sind.
  8. Select the "Pen" group in the layer -> Effects "Outline" -> click on the cog (Advanced settings), set "Color" to transparent (the white circle with the line). Instant crash. Reproduceable. Crash.afdesign
  9. Closed - After i install the offline version from .NET4.6.2 it works. Windows bullshit -.-
  10. Installed Affinity Designer for WIndows on Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1511. The installer requires .NET 4.6.2, which i have installed. But on every start it request to install NET 4.6.2 (twice every time). Again and again and again... I installed it on a separate drive (D:). On WIndows 7 x64, it runs perfect. Please fix this crap!