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  1. And you can also use file explorer, little cheaper, but more up to date for what i saw
  2. Try the new version of my cloud app that will also show your raw files now. (the update was from earlier this week)
  3. Thanks, keep lokking foreward on it. Working the whole day in ai but want to get rid of the subscription
  4. Do you already have beta users for designer ipad?
  5. Fantastic to read that you guys also switch to the ipad. And good to read your workflow. I now am looking for an wifi drive of wifi card reader to pull over my raw files on the go. So any recommend on this are also welcome (wich one is good and wich one don't) also i have a small look on pixave for the ipad and mac to use is as a dam any users here ?
  6. I also have no problem with both of them to import or export. The only problem i have is that in google and on dropbox i cant see thumpnail preview of my raw files. On icloud its no problem and show up.
  7. is it possible to import direct from the wifi harddrive? like in copy from my nas or cam to the wifi drive, import from there to affinity?
  8. And beside this, i’m also curious about your (topic readers) mobile workflow (With and whitout finishing om pc of mac) so please tell me (for al of u) your workflow.
  9. Daar file, thank you for your replay, a good DAM function is indeel misging in the photo’s app i’ll take a look at mylio, it looks like a good solution, but does it still en that good whitout use of a MacBook of pc.
  10. Not directly affinity photo ipad related, but maybe the community can help me out here. I'm a starter in photography, have a serveral hundered raw files to work with and are looking for an ipad pro 12.9 with affinity ipad. (My old macbook is slow and does not last lang on battery anymore, dont want to buy a new one, i already do everything on my normal ipad mini and iphone) So i am looking for a complete mobile workflow, i saw that i can use diffirent cloud spaces so place anough to store the raw files. But who has experience with organizing and add taggs to the edited photo's? which app is the best for this, or any tips and tricks are welcome. Thanks guy's
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