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  1. Hmmm, it seems to be more like a bug, since I experience the same problem with FileExplorer Pro. Maybe I'll try reinstalling Affinity Photo.
  2. Just to be more precise. I cannot open any images, be it jpg or nef in Affinity photo for iPad. When I try to open it out of native filebrowser (via "open/copy to Photo") the iPad will jump to Photo but nothing happens. Opening from Affinity Photo doesn't work either, since I can't access thumbnail images on the WD mycloud. I would have to download images first to check which image it is. Could it be a bug in the iPad version? Should I re-download it?
  3. Hello everybody, apologies if this has been asked before, a quick search revealed nothing. I recently downloaded the Affinity Photo app for iPad and am still looking for a reasonable way to access my photos stored on a western digital mycloud. I tried Filebrowser Go and while it handily gave access to the cloud itself it wasn't possible to access files with RAW photos in it. Even more surprising, although one could access "copy to affinity photo" natively in Filebrowser Go the pic would not open. Is there a different file browser people might recommend? Kind regards Daniel
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