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  1. Also the line before "Miniaturen mit Dokument speichern." which also should have no full stop.
  2. On the Option ""Speichern für das Überschreiben ..." there is at least one word missing, it should be "in dem Dokument verloren" In this panel there are some autocorrection examples initialise e.g. ->, but when you sixth to Deutsch" then it is empty
  3. Pebowski

    German "Anpasung" Buttons Overlap

    I have a Non-Retina display iMac Late 2013. The interesting thing is, when I change from Dark mode, Normal Font to Light Mode and Big Fonts it also looks good, but after restarting the app it is overlapping again.
  4. Pebowski

    German "Anpasung" Buttons Overlap

    It still works only in combination with dark mode and Font Default. In all other combinations it is overlapping. Best regards, Peter
  5. It's the Mac version with Mojave. I also tried the dark theme, also looks OK. Regards, Peter
  6. Interesting. I can see the icons in the German version.
  7. When you first use the program it will be in the language of your system (in our case in German, not English) - and when you switch the language by error to i.e. Chinese, you are not able to read this message. So, I think there is no perfect solution. For all scenarios, the message should appear in 2 languages: the old and the new one.
  8. It's not only tiny, I you have chosen Big Fonts on the Preferences, it also is cut off. Regards, Peter
  9. Yes, it took me a while, until I have found it. I only read of it in the news from the latest Beta, but there was no hint where to find it.
  10. When you are on a normal page (not Master Page) on the right side click on the tab "Layers", there you can find "Master A" (or whatever Master you have attached) - right click here and you find the options: Edit Detached Edit Linked Edit Frame Content Lock-
  11. Do you have the pages in the book, but only don't want to show it on the first 4 pages. and delete the page numbers (with the new option Edit Detached) on the first 4 pages or make a master page without page numbers and attach it to the first 4 pages.
  12. It also works fine here on Mac. I create a textbook on the left master page, then Text - Insert - Fields - Page Number Then I do the same procedure for the right page - and the result is how it should be- How is your workflow?
  13. Pebowski

    German "Anpasung" Buttons Overlap

    I have tested it again and found out: the only combination it works is: Dark mode and Font: Default With Light Mode or Font: Big it does not work (even Light Mode and Font: Default will not work) Regards, Peter
  14. Pebowski

    German "Anpasung" Buttons Overlap

    Hi Chris! Sorry, but for me it's not fixed, at least not on my iMac 27" with non-Retina display and set font size Big in the Preferences
  15. Pebowski

    German dialog clipping (Beta

    I also can not see this, looks OK for me (Non-Retina display, font size: Big) Regards, Peter