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  1. In InDesign there is a very useful function with block text: lines where the distance between words are too small or wide are marked with different shades of yellow. So you can see at a glance where you should adjust manually. Is there something similar in Publisher? I have not found it yet. Regards, Peter
  2. There is a little missing translation with the styles, It says "New style" which should be "Neuer Stil" Regards, Peter
  3. When I place a PDF with embedded fonts, that I don't have on my system (i.e. an advertisement from a client) in my Pub document, then the font is replaced but editable. For this kind of I will need option to place it not editable but with the embedded font, Regards, Peter
  4. I think, on facing pages, the left and right page are treated as one spread. And you can have an element (i.e. a picture) that spans over both pages.
  5. Are all 3 Apps installed in the Application folder or somewhere else?
  6. Here with me it helped to to start the newest version from the Mac App Store of Photo and Designer once, Then they are registered for Studio Link.
  7. Hi @AdamW, thank you, that was it. I had looked in my profile, but the link 'Manage your email marketing preferences' I have overlooked. Regards, Peter
  8. @mac_heibu: Sorry for the confusion. I didn't mean the language of the app, but the language of the mail, that I received. Regards, Peter
  9. I'm one of the lucky ones who received the e-mail on the first day - and i immediatly preordered it - so everything went fine! :-) I only have a little question: I got the English version of the e-mail, but I have seen, that there also exists a German version. Is there a special setting. where you can decide which version you get? I think from the newsletter I always get both versions, but I'm not sure. Best regards, Peter
  10. I have bought Affinity Photo and Designer on the Mac App Store (at this time this was the only option). When Publisher will come out, I of course will buy it directly at Affinity. But can I transfer AP and AD from MAS to Affinity without paying it again? Would be nice to have all 3 apps in the Affinity store for future updates. Regards, Peter
  11. What ffca means is; if you have a master page applied ro a certain page and want to get rid of one of the elements on the normal page (i.e. you want no page number on a certain page, you can click with Ctrll+Shift on this element and make it local for this page, Then you can change it or delete it only for this single page. PS: Oh, too slow!
  12. OK, thanks. I just go through the Designer Workbook - and there it says: delete one node - and then I look into the help - but it does not work. Good to hear, that it's not me …. Best regards, Peter
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