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  1. Hello, I have both Photo and Designer, purchased via AppStore, the latest available versions. Publisher doesn't seem to be able to link to them. I tried restarting all 3 apps several times. Please check the screenshot.
  2. The display zoom is at 100%. The image itself is scaled though, and I think, even Photoshop applies smooth scaling when using smart objects in this case. I wonder, if at some point it would be possible to get a setting per-image (basically, like in Inkscape), that would make it look consistently smooth or blocky in the editor preview and during export?
  3. Is there a way to preview imported images in a smooth manner? My Affinity Designer document is zoomed at 100%. I inserted an image and scaled it up to 300%. It shows up pixelated regardless of the view quality setting in the performance dialog. It exports smoothed when exported to PNG, but I thought that the 'view quality' should also show it smoothed when editing? If 'view quality' stands for something else, then what is it for? Thanks, George.
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