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  1. The ones sold on ebay have complaints of still showing the same "illegitimate software" dialogues. At this point I don't care about pursuing that avenue anymore. I'm invested in Affinity now and I'm genuinely rooting for it to beat out Adobe and do even better work. What's said below definitely sums up the actual point I was trying to make.
  2. I agree that something official from serif would be incredibly useful. This might take time however, as tools keep getting worked on and updated and new ones are constantly being made. I think there won't be anything solid until they feel the program is more "complete" but they definitely should at least make a series showing off the features they're most comfortable with and how they directly correlate or how they're better. I got my dad Affinity Photo for his birthday so he wouldn't have to start paying for Adobe every month. He opened it up once and asked me to find him our old copy of Photoshop 7. There are enough changes in CC to turn him off, but there's no way to legally get any of the older CS4 etc programs at this point that he'd be more comfortable with. It's definitely daunting, especially to an older person who is more set in what they know and more apprehensive towards change. There's no way he's sitting through online Affinity tutorials that treat the viewer like a complete newbie. But something from the company representing and explaining its own software and what it does differently would be nice. Especially something that is geared specifically towards long time users of photoshop who want to switch over would be nice.
  3. I second this. As the smudge tool is now, it's infuriating to work with. For whatever reason, areas that are smudged either lighten or darken the longer they're dragged, and the color is either completely lost or a random pixel is blown out of proportion and takes over completely. I've completely moved from photoshop to affinity now and that's one of the things I realize I used all the time that I sincerely miss now. That and puppet warp. It's very frustrating and one of the few reasons I'm hesitant to fully recommend the program suite to anyone as a full replacement.
  4. Rune.Ac

    Digital Portrait -First Nations male

    Thanks Gregory-CJ Transitioning was like a dream - very easy and seamless.
  5. Rune.Ac

    Old Wheels - digital painting

    I love the overall feel of this piece. All of the little specks of dirt that fly off of the wheel add a wonderful amount of nostalgia in my eyes. I can almost smell the air there. Great work!
  6. Oh my goodness that's incredible!
  7. Rune.Ac

    "Cracked Sky"

    Very nice! Although, the ground has cracks in it too
  8. The music posters you put together are especially eye catching. Great work!
  9. Rune.Ac


    This is beautiful!!!!!
  10. Rune.Ac

    Digital Portrait -First Nations male

    Great description of your process, and love that you put up the in progress pics as well! I got this software to try to get away from Photoshop as well - for the same reason. This work is stunning, and the fact that you didn't use any custom brushes makes it even more impressive! Great job!
  11. Rune.Ac

    Book Cover Design (Entwurf)

    Absolutely love the creepy vibe! Wonderful work!
  12. Rune.Ac

    Affinity Photo 1.5 has launched!

    You guys are wonderful! Thank you for everything you do!

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