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  1. 385/5000 Hi Chris, the refresh rate was 59 hz but I changed it to 60 hz and it happens exactly the same. The monitor does say that it is flicker free, and when trying to record it with the camera it seems that it is this way (doesn't flikcker on the record). But I have been looking in the manual and in the monitor options, and I have not seen that there is an option to disable it, so I guess it can only be enabled. Thanks Chris again for your attention. Greetings.
  2. Hello again. I have some new information in case you are interested. I have recorded a video with the mobile phone, because I cannot do it with the computer. I've noticed that flickering, with the canvas-background tools, only flickers when a pixel layer is on. When the tool is toolbar-background, it always happens. In the video it is less noticeable than on the monitor, because the quality of the recording of the mobile phone is poor, but on the monitor it is much more noticeable. These are the steps I perform in the video: I use a Tool that gives problems when moving the toolbar_background (text tool in this case). Flickering occurs. Use Tool that gives problems in moving canvas_background (brush tool in this case), but without pixel layer. Flicker does not occur. I paint, and the assistant creates a new layer. Flickering occurs. I close the pixel layer, and repeat this last step. After, with one pixel layer , i Active OBS Studio, no flickering occurs. I close Obs Studio, flickering occurs (obs studio, prevents flickering with the two types of tools, those of the toolbar and those of the canvas, not only on the canvas tools, I forgot to record it). I hope it can be useful for you. Thank you very much for your attention and greetings. flikering_affinity.zip
  3. HI. Yes, the updates are fine. The recording program thing is weird, yes. But it is not the only time I see it interact strangely with affinity. In another post about windows ink, where you answered me too, (thank you very much) I commented on it. The preview circle was frozen in the video after being recorded. I comment this in case it helps something. It seems that obs studio and affinity do not match well.About the g_sync, there is nothing n-vidia I think. Only the integrated Intel UHD 620 card. Mi laptop is a "HP Notebook - 15-dw0015ns". My laptop screen is very bad. There, I did not appreciate it. I noticed the problem when connecting it to my work monitor. Which I think doesn't have g-sync either. It is a Benq BL2420PT Monitor 23.8 "2K QHD 100% sRGB / Rec. 709 IPS screen, and as I comment when it is most noticeable is in the brightest modes.
  4. Hi. Something strange happens to me with affinity photo, which doesn't happen to me in any other artistic program, or not. The problem is that the background, flickers or changes color, becoming a little darker or lighter with certain actions (it is possible that even the canvas does, but where it really shows is in the background), I would say that what does is darken for half a second and then regain normal lighting.It happens in two ways. The first is done randomly when I press the alt, control, or shift modifier keys. The other, always happens in the same way, and it is curious because it does so depending on the tool you have selected. It occurs in two cases when it does. The first, when you move the cursor from the canvas to the background or from the background to the canvas. This only happens with the following selected tools: brush tool, mix brush tool, rubber tool, overexposure brush, all blur tools, except the finger tool. The second case occurs when you go from the background to the toolbar but not when you go to the canvas. This occurs with the following tools. Gradient tool, pen tool, geometric shapes tool and text tool. The color variation is not much, I did not notice it on my external monitor, until I changed the configuration to one with high light (presentation on my Benq monitor), but with this configuration it is very remarkable. I also could not make a video for a curious reason. As soon as I open OBS studio (my recording program), this flickering stops happening. I don't even have to record, just by opening the program this problem stops happening. In this designer forum they talk about something that seems similar . I have verified that changing to WARP as it is said there the problem stops happening, but unfortunately the brushes become unusable due to their slowness, since Intel UHD 620 is the option that my card should use. My computer. HP Notebook, 16g ram, I7, Intel UHD 620 integrated graphics card. I use windows 10. Hope this problem can be solved. Thank you very much for your attention and greetings.
  5. Hello again, I have discovered that by pressing the right button but from a button on the tablet instead of the pen, the white circle does not appear and you can change the size of the brush (is it not strange?). My pencil has two buttons and neither works to change the size in affinity. This white circle also appears on the windows desktop, and only with the pen buttons, not with the tablet buttons, but as I said, the circle does not appear in Krita, Blender or any other program that I use. Thanks again.
  6. Hi . I don't know exactly what warp is (if you specify what I check). But my computer is a laptop with an integrated uhd 620 card. I think it is enabled by default and does not have many options, krita and blender work correctly with windows ink. I would say that more than with the card it has more relation with windows ink than with the gpu, it is true that my tablet is a wacom with a few years and the last drivers would say that they are old, but I think there are no others, maybe that is the problem, but in other programs it works correctly and I don't think that i'm the only one with an equal tablet. I would not like to have to buy a new one just to be able to use affinity. I leave you a video so you can see how the delay in drawing and when selecting a color is appreciated, how I can not change the size of the brush because of the white circle and how the alt sign gets in the way of the magnifying glass. It's curious, but in the video that I recorded with OBS studio, the brush preview circle stays frozen when I put the brush on the canvas, but I saw it correctly when i was painting , I don't know if it will be related, this doesn't happen when I record videos of Krita or Blender (I don't care much about this last one, but you might be interested). The time it takes to react the brush is the time that elapses from the point of moving to the large points that I draw (I say it, because not moving the preview in the video is more complicated to see). I have tried to close the layer panel and in my case the problems remain the same. Thank you very much for your attention, and greetings. Win_Ink_Problems.zip
  7. Disculpe, no me había dado cuenta de que se refería al otro problema, ¿verdad? El otro problema es el menos importante para mí, solo ocurre de vez en cuando, en affinity 1.8 y no puedo replicarlo. Pero cuando sucede, sucede todo el tiempo y tengo que reiniciar la computadora. El tamaño del lienzo donde lo intento es de 3000 x 3000, y creo que el tamaño del pincel no importa, lo hace con todos los tamaños (con menos de 50 no lo sé, no lo recuerdo, pero también lo creo). Como digo, este problema ocurre ocasionalmente, pero no sé cómo replicarlo. Muchas gracias por su atención.
  8. Hi. This happens in 1.7 and 1.8 (only here it shows less, because with the new system you can see how much you have moved the cursor and have it as a reference, I don't know how to explain it, but the new system is better), with windows ink and with wintab, and with any canvas size and brush size (in fact, with the little ones, it's more annoying because you need more precision). I use affinity photo to paint and I change the size of the brush a lot, maybe someone who doesn't use it so much this way doesn't notice it, but if you need to do it every 4 or 5 seconds it's quite uncomfortable. I have tried several painting programs on this computer and it only happens in affinity photo. I leave you a video for you to see. I'm aiming at the points with alt and the pencil button already pressed and then i drag the pen. As you can see there is a small distance in which the brush does not change size, does it later, and returns to the point marked with the suddenly changed size, sometimes the distance is greater and sometimes smaller, but it always does (the video it is affinity 1.7, because in 1.8 it looks worse because of what has been said before, but it happens the same). Brush_size_lag.rar
  9. Hola de nuevo Si está interesado, este es un video que grabó en el que puede ver cómo funciona. Krita_lines.rar
  10. Hello, Krita does it, and also detects the pressure while creating the preview of the lines, it is much more effective than the affinity mode. Affinity does it in a strange way, why if I have the brush for example with pressure detection for "opacity" only half the line is drawn, even if I squeeze the pencil to the fullest. It makes no sense, or it draws all the line or that is allowed to use the pressure to define the thickness, but not half a line yes and half a line no. I love affinity, but on this particular topic Krita is much more advanced. It would be great if you could implement a similar system (or at least the pressure does not affect the line or do it as it should, so for me it is a tool that I can not use, because I almost always have the pressure of "opacity "activated and it is very annoying to have to change to a different brush without pressure option on the" opacity "). Thank you very much for your attention and greetings.
  11. Hi, I have a couple of problems in version My computer is an HP Notebook - 15-dw0015ns, i7, 16g ram and integrated gpu intel UHD graphics 620. I use the program mainly for painting and for this, I use a wacom pen and touch tablet. Both problems occur when I activate windows ink, but only in 1.8, in 1.7 these particular problems do not exist. The first one is that I can't change the size of the brush by dragging.When i press the right mouse button (in my pen tablet) , a white circle appears around the cursor and nothing happens. The white circle appears whenever I press right mouse button (pen button), it doesn't matter if I press alt or not. A sign also appears on which is written "alt", every time I press that button. Although that does not block the color picker (however the poster appears in the middle of the magnifier of the color picker and is also increased, preventing you from seeing the colors of the canvas correctly). The other problem is that it seems that the touch of the pencil takes about half a second to process. When you paint, at the beginning of the stroke the cursor stays frozen for half a second and then the stroke appears suddenly. The exact same thing also happens with the color picker. If you put the brush in the colour selector, it takes the same time, about half a second to place the color at the indicated point. Also the brush very often stops working, the cursor disappears (even so you can see the white circle if pulse right buton) or appear a mouse arrow instead of the preview of the size brush, and the tool picker color does not work. As I said this does not happen in 1.7 (in this version there is only a small delay in detecting the movement of the brush when changing the size of the brush, something that still appens in 1.8 but fortunately is less noticeable with the change in the drag system to change the size in this beta version ). Windows ink unfortunately always gave me many problems, on my old desktop computer and my old surface pro 6 there were programs that I couldn't even use (on the surface 6 you can't disable windows ink). I have not found an option to not have to use windows ink and I'm afraid there isn't, right ?. I hope it is possible to fix these problems, because I would not like not to be able to use affinity, I love this program. Since I am also I would like to comment, although I think that there is already an open topic, that from time to time, in 1.7 with win ink, the brush stops working and only draws straight lines. Thank you very much for your attention and greetings.
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