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  1. Thanks. Yes I just used Affinity for this shot using trial and error since I wasn't able to locate any tutorials. I prefer to use Affinity in all my normal editing. It's a great software.
  2. Thanks so much for your info. Please let me know what you learn or find out. In the meantime I went ahead and downloaded both Lightroom/Photoshop and starting to learn that software. I haven't played with IR as of yet until I learn the basics. Here is one IR shot I did and processed using Affinity. I'm fairly happy with the results.
  3. Thanks for the information. I got my converted camera back and starting to shoot images and will learn to process I guess by trial and error.
  4. I've seen IR tutorials on using Photoshop but wondering if Affinity Photo supports infrared image processing? I'm having one of my older Nikon cameras converted? Where can I learn to do this please?
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    Lol. You got it. Thanks.
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    Thanks very much. Michael