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  1. Thank you, that explains it. If I want to import objects and temporarily place them to the side of a document they disappear, so I create a second artboard to use as a holding area. Would this be the best way to do that?
  2. I'm a little confused. Is the initial document not an artboard? If I open a new doc, then draw additional artboards, the entire screen turns white and the original document disappears. Why does the work area turn white? Is there a tutorial for this somewhere? UPDATE. If I exit and go back in, the artboards show up, although the original artboard shows as #2. I would like to read a tutorial though. Thanks
  3. DISREGARD! The drop down got changed from Document! Scared me there!
  4. I read up on global colors and created several to use in a document in case I needed to change some. Today I opened the document and all of the global colors are gone from my swatches. I need to change many items that were using them. What can I do?
  5. I guess it all depends on Affinty's marketing goals. If they're only hoping to attract newbies deciding between it or PShop or PShop Elements, I guess their tutorials are fine. But if they really want to attract PShop users who are tired of paying monthly dues, this lack or cross-training, even on rudimentary tools, is an issue. I also find it annoying that the lasso tool/delete bug on laptop/compact keyboards has been addressed in the 1/7 beta but I cannot open a 1.7 document in 1.6. They say to not use the beta for important docs, that's understandable, but then don't fix what to me is a huge bug in 1.6. Catch 22! So I have had to purchase PSElements to get PShop's selection abilities, then switch back to AP for other stuff. In other words, to get all of what AP should do, I've had to spend $150 instead of $50. Designer however, I find to be pretty darn wonderful. So I guess for $50 I'm not going to complain.
  6. As I learn Designer I notice a lot of features that I loved from the Freehand program. Here are a couple more I'd love to see in the future: - Select by fill color (Quickly select all object using a common fill). Allows for quick global color changes rather than having to create and use global color in advance. Also allows greater control for creating screen print separations, etc. - Select by stroke color (same way) - Select by stroke width (same way) Align object to document. (Select single object, align treats document itself as second object to align to.)
  7. While learning Designer I tried an old Adobe move and Alt-dragged an object. It duplicated as expected so I have used that move often. However, when I further move or delete the new duplicate object I sometimes find the that it has duplicated itself more than once. (There is another copy/layer below it.) I figure I am doing something wrong during the Alt-drag, but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
  8. So far I am very pleased with Photo and Designer, however, since Affinity is now a legitimate, direct competitor to Adobe, if you want to encourage more crossovers, I would highly encourage a video or list of the top dozen or so common things that AP does differently than PShop. It doesn't have to go into any detail and it doesn't have to get into the more advanced options. Just things like this: Photoshop Fill: CTRL-Backspace/ALT-Backspace AP: Shift-Fn-F5 Photoshop: Merge Layers works differently because AP handles layers differently. Instead AP does THIS. Here are some common things I've had to search for, how to: Constrain rectangular marquee copy and paste layer fx delete hidden layers Clear layer fx select contents of a pixel layer It took me many months to cut the cord and switch, precisely because I knew that I would have to either watch dozens of videos or figure out differences on my own. When many of us are out here using Adobe products for 8-10-12 hours every day, the thought of introducing hours of learning curve is definitely a hinderance to making the switch. Keep up the good work! I was in Nottingham in August (before I knew you were there!)
  9. When I make a rectangular selection on a pixel layer and hit delete, the layer is deleted within the rectangle. If I use the lasso tool from the same drop down, hitting delete deletes the selection, not the layer contents. I can't seem to delete a freehand selection. Why is this happening?
  10. Hi, See attached. Is it possible to position the bottom, upright reading text on the outside of the path? I have moved the arrows and tried the old Freehand trick of hitting return but no go. As is, the text is on different radius circles. Thanks
  11. Hi all, I have another question for my switch from Adobe: In Photoshop I can resize a document's size in inches without changing the total file size (total pixels) and the dpi will change accordingly. For example, file is sent to me at 4000x3000 at 100 dpi, which gives me a print image size of 40x30 inches. I want to resize to 20x15 but not change total pixels of file. In PShop I uncheck resample, change inches to 20x15, and the dpi changes automatically to 200. It doesn't appear that I can do that in AP, I must instead go to a calculator and determine what the dpi should change to so no resizing of the original pixels takes place. How do I accomplish this in AP?
  12. Thanks Walt! Odd that it's buried in the TOC style rather than accessible through tab settings but this will work for my TOC. I will figure out how to do it for non-TOC use from there.
  13. Will there be an option to add leader dots or dashes before tabs? For example in Table of Contents?
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