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  1. No, the text is much tooooo long. :-) Simply let chimpanzee count the words (they do it very quickly) or use apps that have the features you need. like the POTUS
  2. Sorry, no. Same with lenght etc. as we can see on the hidden roadmap
  3. Indeed! At least next year we should be less bothered by that two-legged T-virus. Fingers crossed! :-)
  4. Curious what Affinity app will win 2020. ||: Very unlikely, but maybe next year :||
  5. True, but this is no real problem for users of older computers. There is probably no comparable and up-to-date software that supports such an old MAC operating system.
  6. Even OS X 10.7 is supported! A big advantage for many Serif customers.
  7. Would be great if there would be an automatic indicator (was read by Serif).
  8. Great that the apps are already fully optimised for Apple silicon! 👍 👍 👍
  9. Bitte unbedingt dies wg. Metal-Einstellungen beachten. Hoffentlich hilft das. Alles Gute! Möglicherweise ist die Bilddatei marginal defekt. Bitte einfach vorab nochmals neu (in Affinity Photo oder einem ähnlichen Programm) abspeichern.
  10. It is not, because APu is completely new written and designed. It needs time until we have almost all needed features. PS: Welcome to the Affinity forums
  11. … this is (reserved) for different serious problems
  12. The staff have made it clear in several different topics that they will no longer provide ETA’s for any new features … but a mesh warp/distort tool is on the old Affinity Designer feature roadmap.
  13. Hopefully there will be a panel and also a replace(ment) functionality.
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