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  1. ok, i finally got it... puuh, i nearly have to drag the image out of my affinity window to get it placed like this.... guess the resolution of my monitor is too high or the precision of my angry shaking fingers Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for your reply! I understand the differences but I don't know how you got to the result of the 3rd group in your screeshot (see my screen shot again) I don't understand how you made that... I just see that there are 2 possibilities: 1: put the shape into the image (your 2nd group on your screenshot) This works also in my case and I can see the picture in the shape, however, this is not what I want since you can only adjust the shape afterwards but not the positioning of the image 2: Put the image into into the shape. When I do this, i get the result like the 4th group in your screenshot (which by the way I don't understand exists anyway because it makes no sense, where is the usecase for that??) So what did you do to get the 3rd group? I did this: but it does not work... THANKS!!!
  3. Hello! I reviewed plenty descriptions how to insert an image into any shape. Seems like nothing easier than that. Unfortunately (my) Affinity Designer installation does not not do what it should do... Can anyone explain this behavior? (see screen shot). The image is filling the shape but only white, the image is not visible anymore. Of course I clipped the image correctly into the shape. I would really appreciate some help, took my 2h of research without any success so far... THANK YOU!!!
  4. Ok, if this is so than I want to apologize! I just really can't find it... So may I ask you if you could help me to find the option how to switch from vector to pixel persona of affinity designer without opening the program separtely? This is what I am missing (looking for): Affinity Designer only: Affinity Publisher open --> switched to Affinity Designer persona - but no pixel persona option: Many thanks! BR, Amir
  5. Honestly this whole discussion makes no sense. I have affinity publisher and designer (no photo, because i have another software for that). I want to access the full capabilities of both programs I have pruchased via the studio link, period! From a user perspective this thread shouldn't exist at all...
  6. This is what it looks like at my screen with dark grey background and the second with light grey.
  7. ok, I changed the adobe reader settings from standard to "dark grey" background. And yes it is getting better, in case of a colored (red) rectangle I dont see any edges, in case of a black one I still see some. So guess it is not affinity causing the issue. Mabye its just my monitor, however, I never noticed that before... Thanks to all responders for your efforts!!
  8. hmm, thats interesting, indeed there are no edges in your view. I only have Adobe reader at the moment and I use Windows 10. But even if I manage to change the view with another pdf reader, its not about mine, its about the view of others...
  9. Thanks! I know, however, even if I unselect "clip to canvas" the exported pdf shows a white edge...
  10. yes thats exactly what I mean. Although it would be a nice feature to turn that "edge indicator" off, I can live with that. However, contrary to your exported file (I guess as jpg), I do see the edges when I export as digital pdf. Pls see the file attached. Any idea how to change that? Thanks! white borders example.pdf
  11. Hey! I have an issue someone may help me with: When I add e.g. a colored rectangle to a white page and I want it to cover whole with I still see a small white border on the edges. The white border is viewed even if I strech the recangle outside the edge of the page. Unfortunately this does not only apear while working but also when i export the file as pdf (digital). I have no margins, bleeds or anything set (all = 0). Can you help me? Thanks!
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