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  1. I didn't realise that requesting the ability to be able to add a printer icon to the toolbar would create so many conversations. It is really interesting stuff reading about what goes on behind a button! Hope I am not causing a war and this is just friendly banter
  2. Exactly my sentiments Andy05, just give us the option to customise the toolbar.... simples!
  3. I know it sounds ridiculous that I am complaining about having to go to 'file & print' before the option comes up in order to print but why have they removed the icon from the toolbar? Why not let us have the facility to allow us creatures of habit to add the icon back if that's what we want? Some features are used more than others and I design & print greetings cards every week so this extra click is a nuisance. Thank you for all of your feedback, it is interesting to hear things from different points of view even if it doesn't fix the issue
  4. As there's no printer icon and I don't like having to use CTRL & P I would like to create a printer icon on the tool bar, how do I do this please? Thank you so much :o) Marilyn
  5. Hi Stokerg, Yes the beer or in my case the red wine can get in the way but happy to right click instead. I should have known that..... Thank you Marilyn
  6. Where are the icons for copy, paste and save please? I would like them on the top left of my screen instead of having to use CTRL C, CTRL V and CTRL S. These is a normal windows icons and whilst I love keyboard shortcuts sometimes it is faster to use icons when working with pictures using my mouse, Many thanks in advance, Marilyn
  7. Sadly that didn't work as Photoplus exports it as one layer despite exporting as a photoshop PSD file.... any other ideas please? Thank you Marilyn
  8. Thank you for replying so quickly and I will test that to see if it all imports correctly. What a shame that they didn't incorporate that when they designed it. I wonder what else I will find that their software can't do that Photoplus can Marilyn
  9. What is the best way of importing or opening all of my Photoplus files in either Affinity Photo or Design please? I design and update greetings cards so I don't want to have to re-create every card. Many thanks in advance, Marilyn
  10. Thank you so much..... so simple when you know how. Why isn't there a search facility in the help please? I couldn't find one, or maybe I wasn't looking properly.... Thanks Marilyn
  11. Thank you so much.... what a difference it makes! Much better....
  12. I don't have a straighten tool. In Photoplus it was always with the crop tool icon. Where do I find this please? Thank you, Marilyn
  13. Is there any way that the Affinity screen can be changed from black to white please? Thank you Marilyn
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