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    Monster Swag

    Great work! I'd like to attempt something like this, but in all honesty, I wouldn't have a clue where to start.
  2. "I feel stupid asking, but where's the smooth selection tool?" The 'smooth" tool/option can be found in the "select" window (top of the screen). Click on that, then select "smooth."
  3. AffinityJules

    The Summoning

    With a brave heart she cast the spell then held the lantern aloft. I began meddling with this image just before I bought Affinity Photo, and with the new purchase in hand I decided to finish it in AP. You will see similar images cast all over the net and this is my shot at that fantasy genre. Not sure how it stacks up against the lofty giants out there doing great stuff, but at least I enjoyed my time when I was doing it.
  4. AffinityJules

    What is a Dither Layer?

    The word "dither" means indecisive; hesitant; etc... Not too sure why this word was chosen to describe a layer, but I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation for it.
  5. AffinityJules

    Channel Selection

    Hi MEB, You're a life saver! Just tried it and it worked after a couple of attempts. I never thought to right click the channel - it was that simple. Oh well. . .we live and learn. Thank you lots.
  6. I hope this is the correct place to post this question? Firstly; I am not at all sure what the correct term for this operation is called - all I know is: in photoshop it is very easy to perform in just a few actions. In fact, I have to keep reverting back to photoshop in order to perform it because I can't find how to do it within the Affinity program. I am pulling my hair out in frustration simply for the fact that, if I have a file in Affinity that I am trying to edit with said operation, I can't open it in photoshop because the file is not the correct format - so I have to start all over again within photoshop with the file I am working on then open it in Affinity with correct channel effect. It's really annoying when you don't know how. . .you know? The description below is as applied in photoshop - obviously. 1. The file in question is selected by using the CHANNEL PALETTE: in this case the RED CHANNEL. 2. A selection is made from the RED CHANNEL. 3. All other visible channels are turned off. 4. The selected RED CHANNEL is then inverted. 5. A new empty layer is created. 6. The new empty layer is then bucket filled with the desired colour. RESULT: The image has now been transformed and appears 'ghost-like' or transparent. I can select the channel in Affinity but all it does is select the outline and, after using the bucket fill, the whole image changes to whatever colour I have used and is NOT transparent with ALL DETAIL INTACT - which is the desired effect I am going for. Like I said; I have no idea what this operation is technically called, but is this possible in Affinity Photo?
  7. AffinityJules

    Ethereal Woodland Sprite

    All elements sourced from the same photograph. Ermm...ok. How does one get a picture posted here? I uploaded the image using the upload feature in here - so what's happened that I'm not understanding? Ethereal Woodland Sprite.tif
  8. AffinityJules

    Taking the way-back machine to the 80's

    I never realised before now that a pixelated picture could make me feel so old!
  9. AffinityJules

    Fat Rocket (added timelapse)

    Your pictures are simply wonderful to behold. I look on in envy. Keep up the fine work!
  10. AffinityJules

    Resetting Foreground/Background Colours

    Thanks Toltec...you're a life saver!
  11. How does one reset the foreground/background colours to black & white? I am so used to a one click operation in photoshop - but I find this is not replicated in AP. There must be a simple way to do this but I can't find how to in all the video tutorials I have seen that relate to the colour palette.
  12. AffinityJules

    Second Day with Affinity Photo

    Hi Alfred, Thanks for that - much appreciated.
  13. Like anything new one has simply got to get on with familiarising oneself with the perceived 'newness' and do exactly that - get familiar with it. I have been busy just playing around with the program and slowly but surely I am getting somewhere nearer to a greater understanding of how to use it. So far I have found nothing negative to say about it but can only give praise to a real alternative to Photoshop. I must say that so far I'm impressed with everything I have dabbled with and I'm sure that as I delve deeper into the workings of AP my initial assessment will remain the same. However, I do have a question already! I know this is NOT Photoshop and every single feature will not be replicated in AP but, is there any chance that in the future an update might include a tool similar to the PUPPET TOOL as found in Photoshop?
  14. AffinityJules

    New to Affinity

    Hello! I wasn't sure where to post this but I guess this is as good a place as any. I am very green and very new to Affinity Photo. I have used Adobe Photoshop7 forever but never liked their new selling concepts such as CC (Creative Cloud) etc - hence why I never upgraded. I recently discovered AP by sheer accident (yes, i never knew it existed), and after watching several tutorials online I became intrigued. I have now downloaded the free trial and trying to come to terms with a different way of working with my designs. I have to be honest and say it's all a tad confusing for me right now because I have become accustomed to a program I know like the back of my hand. I know that, with use, AP will eventually become like second nature to me, it's just a matter of keeping on keeping on! The main reason I am switching (trying to switch) is purely because of the price as opposed to Adobe and, AP seems to have all the higher functions and the price for all that seems very attractive indeed.