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  1. Hi. I just created a high pass layer but only want to apply the filter to a small area of my photo. So I created a mask layer which, as you’d expect, starts off fully white. But I want to now invert that to a fully black layer so that I can brush with a white brush only where I want to apply the filter. But I cannot find a way to INVERT a mask to black. I tried CMD + I as I expected to do the invert but it doesn’t. What is the command to INVERT a MASK on IPAD AP? Thanks. Martin
  2. I’ve been trying to find a simple thin brush among the brushes in Affinity Photo on iPad that will fade at the end (not the start). I can’t find a brush like that - or any pens actually which surprised me - but I can’t see how to create a brush that will taper / fade off at the end. is there a tutorial about this please? Thanks. Martin
  3. WOW! This I shall be trying to replicate! I'd love to be able to recreate that layer of the whiskers. Thank you for showing that method.
  4. Cracking job. Thank you for explaining how you did that. I will add that to my list of things to attempt. :-)
  5. Yes the whiskers are proving to be the most challenging part. Masking the body areas isn’t too bad because the smudge tool (and other suggestions) work to introduce a bit of fur on the edges but whiskers are challenging. They are not uniform lengths, thickness, straightness or anything so they can’t (accurately) be added with a purchased or free brush. I appreciate your suggestions.
  6. This is an image I tried to mask out all the background but save the whiskers but every attempt I lost the whiskers.
  7. It's ok. I got it working. The iPad works fine with NEF files. For some reason this image wouldn't edit (none of the sliders changed it) but when I cancelled and started again after several attempts (closed and reopened AP) it worked.
  8. Thanks. I have seen that one but sadly I've never managed to photograph an animal with a solid background... :-) I just went into 'refine mask' from right clicking the mask layer but now, every brush stroke is making the mask worse than it was. I think I'm heading back to photoshop...
  9. Hi everyone. Most of my photos are animals and I love to extract them and place them on new backgrounds but, the inevitable, getting fur and whiskers selected is always a challenge. In Affinity Photo I just did a selection and then refined the selection (of a tiger with a horrible background) and then saved to new layer with mask. However, part of the tiger's head didn't get refined very well and I've lost all whiskers too. How can I get back into 'refine mask' or is there anything I could do better to speed up this wort of work? Thanks. Martin
  10. Thank you. I could not find that walk through. Strange that I could not work with the RAW file I opened yesterday as it is a standard NIKON NEF file. Oh well. This video is really helpful. Thanks again.
  11. Thank you but I am asking about the iPad version. When I open a RAW file in AP on iPad I’m in dev mode apparently but none of the sliders do anything to the image. The split view button is available at the bottom, along with develop and discard... but none of the developer sliders do anything... I really don’t get it.
  12. I’m absolutely puzzled and surprised. So many people rave about Affinity Photo being better than Photoshop but at least photoshop can open and edit raw files. I have spent the last hour staring at the screen with a RAW file loaded and I cannot fathom what (if anything) I can do with it. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m guessing Affinity Photo is not capable of working with RAW files? Hope I’m wrong. Martin
  13. Phew! That went right over my head I'm afraid. I normally work with photos or things created in PhotoShop where everything is designed in a size by pixels for the web or social media and this (creating a file for a vehicle livery) is not something I normally do but I offered to do the layout for a local charity organisation.
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