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    nomi02118 reacted to Cecil in Copy assets, styles, preferences to another computer or project   
    PC or Mac?  On macOS I just export to iCloud and import on iPad or iMac.  I guess same is true, different directory or Cloud service.
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    nomi02118 reacted to Cecil in Copy assets, styles, preferences to another computer or project   
    If you had assets on your iPadOS, go to Asset Studio.  Image provided.

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    nomi02118 reacted to BigStef in Affinity Publisher Customer Beta -   
    Hi @Jeanette,
    this is actually how I'm working. I use AP 1.8.x to open my IDML files, so I can copy all ressources (Textes, etc), and then paste them in AP 1.7.x for production. Both apps are open side-by-side without a bug. Bienvenue :-)
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    nomi02118 reacted to Pyanepsion in Footnotes/Endnotes   
    This is a point of view put forward by all manufacturers, because it gives the illusion of being able to transform a text document without effort. It's actually bad whether it's on Indesign, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, etc. because:
    1. Paragraph and character styles are of relatively poor quality in word processing software (Write, Page Word, etc. ), as these tools are not designed for printing press.
    2. It is common for the word processing file not to be standardized, which often results in differences when using professional equipment.
    I spend several hours improving the Word draft from the client's Word document, then paste the entire text into an ASCII editor and then use Word only as a template for preparing the styles of the DTP document.
    It is obviously longer than a simple import, but it is very much worth it.
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    nomi02118 got a reaction from Chris B in DNG import bug   
    Well this is a good example why I switched to Affinity a couple years ago. You guys really work for our business.  
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    nomi02118 got a reaction from Fixx in Publisher - resize document   
    I may found it, you have to go to the master page, right click and select spread properties. That seems to be where its hidden! 
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    nomi02118 reacted to marciomendonsa in Nik Alternative   
    hum .... I do not know ... I still can not produce a contrast as good as what is done 'Pro contrast' of the color efex in AP / LR.  In addition, Control pointer technology often makes work much easier.
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    nomi02118 got a reaction from Jan Prague in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    I know this isn't the ideal solution fr all and has been mentioned elswhere.
    I have recently taken most of my idesign templates I use for various clients , exported them as PDF and opened them in Publisher, including multi page documents, and it did a VERY good job reformatting them to Publisher. Most needed zero after the fact tweaking. Fonts were correct, as were all the text and paragraph attributes.  
    So I too would like indesign import/export functionality but I am finding it less crucial than I thought as I wait for Publisher to get an official release and start it's road as a viable Indiesgn replacement. 
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    nomi02118 reacted to Mirko1978 in Antidote Integration   
    First of all kudos for Affinity Publisher. For a first Beta, it's absolutely impressive.
    One feature that I really need in order to consider replacing Quark and InDesign with Affinity Publisher is the integration with Antidote (https://www.antidote.info) – and I'm pretty sure that many users who work regularly with french text will agree.
    Is anything planned?
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    nomi02118 reacted to ballardstudio in Publisher does not recognize WORD .docx files!   
    I am very serious. Carrying over attributes, especially from Microsoft, to any other application can cause issues with your files. I've seen it too many times and ask designers not to use imported or copy/paste text from MS Word. These issues also occur in digital design when copying text from Word and pasting it into an HTML document. In print, your provider may be charging you additional money for fixes in your files due to attributes and you wouldn't know because it's considered as a hidden production charge.
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    nomi02118 reacted to Khell in Publishing ePubs & Kindle Format?   
    Hi there,
    will there be a way to export for iBook Store, Kindle and other e-publishing platforms?
    Thank you!
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    nomi02118 reacted to bumgardnern in My Thoughts   
    I have been an Adobe photoshop user for the last seven years. I stopped updating my Adobe software at version 5.5. I think that what Affinity is doing is fantastic. I work as a product photographer and their are a few things that I would like to see implemented in Affinity Photo.
    In adjustment layers like HSL, and Curves I would like to have a color picker option. In Photoshop I like to select narrow color ranges in HSL. The same goes for curves I like to pick a highlight point with the color picker and then have the ability to drag that point up or down. The way the current select Colour Range and select Tonal Range tool works it selects too much and does not allow me to refine in the manner that I would like. 
    I would like to have features like Photomerge, Load Files into Stacks, Auto-Align Layers, and Auto-Blend layers. I also would can not find but, I'm sure it has to be their an eye dropper tool in the side bar with the option of placing a few points to view the RGB, CMYK and HSL values and then having those values show up in the Studio.
    Overall I am really excited to see this product. I can't wait to see the next version of the beta!
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    nomi02118 reacted to ronnyb in Filter Layers (Like "Adjustment Layers", but for filters!)   
    My 2 cents: 
    1. Basically as many filters as possible should be interactive as long as possible throughout the pipeline...
    2. Let the user decide the performance hit to take by offering LOW RES previews (down sampled versions) of the effects, which get baked at full resolution upon Export or Zooming in...
    Thanks Andy, this is really stepping up the game for AP...
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    nomi02118 reacted to rui_mac in Filter Layers (Like "Adjustment Layers", but for filters!)   
    1.)  - Gaussian Blur, Bilateral Blur, Median Blur
          - Unsharp Mask, High Pass
          - most Deform filters
          - all Noise filters
          - all Colours filters besides the Auto ones
          - Lighting.
    2.) They should be able to be applied to all the layers bellow or, if inside a group, apply only to the layers inside the group, bellow the Filter Layer.
    3.) Bring it!!! If I'm going to use a Filter Layer instead of a permanent filter, that is because I really need to keep the editability and, even if there is a speed penalty... too bad ;-)
    4.) I could use them in the start (for example, Denoise or any Colours filter) but I can also use them in the middle or end of the process. Anyway, they should always remain editable.
    Let me add that they MUST have a way to add a mask so that the filter only applies to certain places.
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    nomi02118 got a reaction from MattP in NIK plugins and others ( plus some praise)   
    I noticed you could link to photoshop plugins while testing the app today. yes the app crashes a bit, it's  beta but I was surprised that it actually opened the plugins and with the exception of HDR pro was able to use them. Opening them, I got a message saying I needed to buy the plugins... obviously I already had but was able to use them in demo mode. I tried t reinstall them to see if Affinity photo came up on the compatible software list, which it didn't. If Nik plugins were supported right out of the gate, I would pretty much be able to dump photoshop almost immediately after the release. It seems so far you have most of wha ti need already in the software or planned to go in. I do extensive retouching for TV documentaries (American Experience and others) and it looks just about up to the task of that level of work. 
    So I would like to know if NIK plugins will be supported but also if you plan more drawing tools, like pens and pressure sensitive brushes. I tend to draw on the computer and use a tablet these days more and more. 
     thank you and I am surprised how excited i am about this and the up-coming page layout app you are planning. With your apps and a few others I would be happily away from the Adobe products I have had to use except After Effects which no one has yet yo come close to producing a reasonable alternative. 
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