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  1. Oh how easy was it to manipulate slices in Macromedia Fireworks 10-20 years ago. This progress is killing my productivity.
  2. Well, fill selection doesn't work for starters in quick mask mode. Bucket fill ignores painted borders (ps and others behave same as on mask layers).
  3. Bucket fill doesn't work, other tools misbehave. Why is it any different than layer mask?
  4. Seems to be solved with the latest beta! Thanks a lot!
  5. Matt, good to hear about Photo having those features! I hope you make the workflow between Designer/Photo as painless as possible, since I would love to use combined tools on all my projects. About the blur, I think I found out what the problem is. It has to do with bitmap scale. The effects are applied in object space/resolution and not in artboard space. It means that if you have an bitmap object that is not at 100% scale that the values are relative to the scale, and so are hard to control at small amounts (0.01-0.5 may be needed with upscaled bitmaps) and also produce low quality results. Two small remarks/feature suggestions stem from this: 1. Show the scale in % as well as pixels in the transform panel. 2. Add a toggle for effects to work in artboard space/resolution. I'm aware that all this is void if I 'rasterize' the bitmap object but I would love to keep it native as long as possible. EDIT: actually there seems to be a bug problem after all:
  6. I tried some matte painting in Designer and its pretty nice although its missing a few crucial features to be used professionally (cloning, perspective and mesh distort, some cc tools, picking up selections from masks, refining masks, channels etc.). I might have found a bug though. It seems not to produce quality gaussian blur for values under one pixel, or in other words 0,1 and 1px gaussian blur are the same.
  7. I may be daft, but I can't seem to find a way to add to selection with marquee selection other than clicking each object individually? After something is selected drag with shift just moves the selection if drag starts over it.
  8. No reference, just playing around with Affinity Designer. I really like the brush engine. I tried to limit myself here to just BW on X shortcut one brush, one size. Only few white highlights added with opaque round brush beside that.
  9. Hey Andy, all that sounds great! Here is another take. Still not too happy with the result, but getting there. I love being able to use vector/pixel tools in the same document fluidly. I need to adjust my workflow, but i think I can be more productive in the Designer than Photoshop pretty easily in my Illustration/Concept art work. I will try a commercial project next.
  10. Actually, the brushes for me work pretty fast (iMac i5 2.8Ghz/ATI 6970). I tried extreme resolutions like 15000x10000px and 1024px brushes with scattter, and its as fast as or even faster than Photoshop. If you are working on the brush performance, maybe I could add a few feature requests real quick, to take in consideration at your own pace. 1. Pixel brushes over 1024 px (I need those sometimes for texturing, no need for fluid performance here, just a dab here and there) 2. Stroke smoothing (I think Blender paint or Zbrush lazy mouse has this nicely implemented with a trail that helps vizualization) 3. Opacity dynamics for pixel brushes 4. hotkey for brush size/rotation/hardness or as many parameters as you can fit 5. popup color wheel at cursor location on hotkey (pls, not like photoshop HUD, its awful, there are much better implementations)
  11. Please forgive the awful design. I just wanted to test out some Designer brushes, both vector and raster, with no planing whatsoever. It started from just a few strokes, and evolved to this. Next one will be better, I promise :). Other than inabiliy to change the brush size when locale not US (no easily accessable brackets in HR layout), I really like Designer for concept art so far.
  12. Wow, and I just wanted to add this very feature request. I intend to use Affinity Designer for concept art and storyboards, and this feature would be of much help.
  13. If you rasterize each layer sepearate psd export preseves layers. I have another problem though, its that I can't save previously opened PSD document if I make any changes. I think Designer sould warn you about pending layer rasterize if any elements are curves and go on with save on confirm.
  14. EDIT: I mean Paint Brush in pixel persona I can't seem to find it? If there is none, I would love to have it added. Also there is a selection toggle on vector persona using CTRL/CMD as well as duplicate functionality on ALT/OPT which doesn't work in pixel persona. Any chance to have them added?
  15. Sorry, I mean the pressure control doesn't work. Adjusting opacity by it self works.
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