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  1. Nimit Dholakia

    Pasting as shape to photoshop

    Hi MBd, It still do not allow to paste as shape.
  2. Hello, I am using Affinity designer mainly as the substitute of adobe illustrator and creating icon shapes which I can use into mobile application user interface design. I want to paste file / object from affinity designer to photoshop as a shape. Is it possible? Thanks, Nimit
  3. Nimit Dholakia

    An Affinity exclusive resource site

    You are right. We need quality contributors..
  4. Nimit Dholakia

    Promoting more resources

    Hoping to see lost of the stuffs soon... ;)
  5. Nimit Dholakia

    Promoting more resources

    Hello Guys, I am a UI designer and mainly using Photoshop for making designs and many times Sketch 3. The main reason that is driving me to this softwares are their available resources into the market. For example I can get iPhone 6 GUI readymade which can be used at some part of the app designs. I think you should emphasise more towards creating such resource for general use. And promote more of such Freebie provider sites. Whats your views ? Thanks, Nimit
  6. Hi @Meb, Thanks for the Rocket fast reply... I shall be planning for latest iPad after the release.. :)
  7. Hi Guys ! Awesome work with Mac software. I was reading Affinity Review and came to know that you will soon come up with an iPad version. Eagerly waiting... :rolleyes: My Questions : - When can we expect it? - Do we need to pay for an iPad version? Thanks, Nimit :D
  8. Nimit Dholakia

    Free stock photos

    Hi Jack, Thank you for this awesome resource. Much useful for my UI projects.. Thanks, Nimit
  9. Nimit Dholakia

    An Affinity exclusive resource site

    Hello Friends, I am thinking to launch a website with Affinity Exclusive resources. As a user, will you be helpful to contribute beautiful resources for other users? And it will be an blog type interactive website with resource download link. Question to staff : - Can I use 'affinity' name as a part of domain? - Any suggestions? Please suggest domain names in comment. Thanks, Nimit
  10. Nimit Dholakia

    Export to PSD

    Yeah !! I posted it when it was in RC mode ... :P
  11. Nimit Dholakia

    Export to PSD

    Hi, Is it possible this feature stop working in future after Adobe release an update for photoshop? I was talking with a support executive with one of the lead softwares in these category. I asked him why his software is not supporting PSD. He replied its core feature and Adobe's monopoly. So if any other software supports this, it will not remain last long. Your views please. Thanks, Nimit
  12. Nimit Dholakia

    Export to PSD

    I think its now available with the New Release Candidate. :) Cheers.
  13. Nimit Dholakia

    Regarding auto alignment

    Peftect :) . That is what I was looking for.
  14. While dragging one layer, it should stuck for a while at the edge of the other layer. Is that a feature which I can enable from anywhere?
  15. When can we expect the feature to export files to PSD document?

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